Freon Replacement Options For Home Air Conditioners

Freon Replacement Options For Home Air Conditioners from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

One thing to note about R22 refrigerant is that it is its own refrigerant as compared to the replacement options which are a mixture of various kinds of refrigerants designed to mimic the R22’s operations. Since the start of the year of 2015, it became illegal to use R22 refrigerant for refrigeration purposes, in a heat pump or in air conditioning units. The issue of this ban on freon had a huge effect on the repair and maintenance of units of air conditioning with the only option available at the start of all this being replacing the whole unit altogether which was quite tasking but over the years big time manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Daikin developed a number of new solutions to try and meet the gap between the air conditioning devices and the individual needs of every user.

The main options now for replacement of your R22 refrigerant that are available now are either replacement of the entire system, using a drop-in refrigerant or choosing to replace the outdoor and indoor units. Mitsubishi and Daikin developed these replacements to assist enterprises and/or contractors to find a solution to their respective needs. Each of the options made available is made specifically for a specific group of people which we will see in this article and how it may be of help or which option may be the best to go for  a home warranty in Indiana.

First, we will look at replacing the entire system unit as a whole which includes replacing the pipe network, electrical wirings, and the outdoor and indoor units. It may, however, seem cumbersome and excessive, but this option ensures the owner keeps with the most up to date equipment and a resulting reduction of the costs incurred in running it. Of the three options for replacing an air condition refrigerating unit, it is the most involving and somewhat time consuming and could as well be rather expensive in terms of the times taken in conducting the replacements but in the long run it is the most advisable option to take as after all the dirty and tiresome work is done you will be left with a guaranteed air conditioning system and won’t have to worry about making any repairs or needing any maintenance for quite a long while.

Secondly one can choose to only replace the outdoor and indoor units, which works if you are a large business owner because under no circumstances would one want to have to close their premises for lengthy time periods to effect repairs on the air conditioning systems; this is where this option comes in handy. By choosing to re-use some of the old equipment you will actually be looking at cutting repair costs by close to 55% while also greatly reducing the negative impact the repairs will have on your business. A lot of the repair companies in operation that deal with this particular repair of R22 refrigerant replacement offer partial replacement options and ass such one may need not worry about finding a proper repair and maintenance technician or company. Similarly, another added advantage to picking this option is that, as compared to the entire system change previously, this option allows for upgrades to be made to the current existing system which gives room for the older more outdated infrastructure of your system be brought up to date with the current technologies of the time and be more suited to the enterprises unique needs.

The final major replacement option for the R22 refrigerant is the use of a drop-in refrigerant. Although there are a lot of mixed reactions among people for the use of this option but the most fundamental thing to remember is that this option is designed to be used only for short periods, the quicker option if you would have it. A downside of this approach is that it can cause damage to the performance and reliability of the system which leaves the host at a risk of failure of the air-conditioning system or even disrupting of the regular business routines. If the owner of an enterprise is constantly making these maintenance approaches, then it will eventually become rather expensive for him and as such not many manufacturing or repair companies are not for this option due to the complications that arise from it. These drop-in refrigerants are known to greatly cut down the immediate costs to be incurred but unfortunately though as time goes by the same practices will end up costing pretty hefty amounts to repair the air conditioning unit.

For those that may choose to use this approach to the repair and maintenance or replacement of the R22 refrigerant for air conditioning systems it is important that they not use it for too long a period and also while they are using it it is advised that they think of a more suitable plan for future replacements of the R22 refrigerant.

If one has considered the impact and corresponding costs that a replacement option may take on his business or enterprise, then it matters very little what option among the three that you go for. Pick the company offering repair and maintenance services that are of the very highest standard across the board for installation and repair services.

There are a few things to take to account however those are: if the system in question happens to still be under warranty then most if not all manufacturers will not warrant the system if you have used an R22 refrigerant replacement as their systems usually may not have undergone testing with the variety of replacement refrigerants and also one should never under any circumstances attempt to add a replacement refrigerant to a system that has any R22 refrigerant still left in it.

The best replacement for R- 22 Freon refrigerant is the R -407c which has an impressively low loss in capacity approximately 0-5% as compared to the R22 and costs significantly less than many of the other R-22 replacement options from available on the market.

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