Cutting Costs: Everything You Need To Know About Using Coupon Codes

Cutting Costs: Everything You Need To Know About Using Coupon Codes

All those coupon codes may be alluring, but many people just don’t understand how to use them. So, they pass them up. It’s a shame. Here’s how to use those little codes you find floating around online so you can score big savings.

What Is It?

A coupon code is a code that gets generated by the manufacturer or a wholesaler or retailer for a specific item. These codes allow you to save money on products and services. Usually, the code appears to be a random string of numbers and letters. Sometimes, codes are not random and are actually indicative of the type of sale that’s going on. For example, “summerdiscount” would be a discount code that indicates a discount being offered during the summer months.

Coupons are applied during checkout. So, when you’ve gathered up all of the items you want to buy in your virtual shopping cart, you’ll then be able to apply your coupon code before you hand over your credit card information.

How To Apply Your Code To Merchandise

Most coupons are easy to enter. Usually, there’s a box at the checkout where you can enter the code. For example, if you’ve acquired a Paytm promo code, you would enter this before you enter your credit card information. The coupon code would be applied to the merchandise you’re purchasing.

Most retailers will tell you whether the coupon was successfully applied before you submit your order for processing. In the event that your coupon doesn’t work, you should contact the retailer directly and ask why.

Sometimes, there’s a server error that prevents the coupon from being applied. But, more often than not, there may be limitations on the coupon you’re trying to use. It may be expired, or it may not be valid with the products you’re trying to purchase.

Find out if the coupon will work for your order before you jump through all the hoops if you can. Coupon sites, like Raise, tend to organize and sort codes and verify them for you, so you don’t waste your time testing them.


As cool as coupon codes are, there are some things that they can’t do. They won’t give you discounts on non-merchandise or non-service items. For example, if you want to buy a gift card or a voucher for someone, few (or no) stores will apply a discount code to the voucher or card. The reason for this is because a store needs to turn a profit.

And, if they’re giving you a discount on a gift card, it’s like discounting cash – a losing proposition for the retailer every single time. But, retailers are willing to discount merchandise because they often get a discounted deal from the wholesaler or the manufacturer, or they get rebates on the products they sell. Or, if they are the manufacturer, they can make back the money by selling in bulk.

Coupons also typically can’t be combined with other offers, like sales and discounts. So, you can’t stack coupons, which means that you’re limited to one coupon per household, per item in most cases.


Luke Ingram is a Dad of 3 kids under the age of 6. Saving money is top of his to-do list (after putting the boys to bed). He has recently taken to sharing his tips and tricks with an online audience and hopes to save you all some cash!

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  1. Using coupons is the best way to save online. For shopping at retail store, we use coupons which come in the mail or with new papers. Using coupons is always a good way to save money on shopping.
    There are plenty of website which offer coupons for online shopping . Coupons give real savings. Thanks for sharing tips.

  2. I think promo codes are going to save a lot of money to make shopping for daily needs and the latest accessories.

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