Tick Infestations: Causes, Signs, and Prevention

Tick Infestations_ Causes, Signs, and Prevention from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Mention ticks and most people think about their pets. However, it may surprise you to realize that most ticks are Justas happy on a human as they are on a dog or cat.

They generally live in long grass, shrubs, and even trees. Once you come into contact with the tree they will literally walk onto your skin. Then, they find a nice spot and bite, sucking your blood until they are full. At this point, they simply drop off.

The bite is painless, you won’t notice it. Unfortunately, they can cause allergic reactions and some ticks carry dangerous diseases.

The odd tick is to be expected and can be dealt with. But, if they are becoming a regular occurrence then you may have an infestation in your garden or nearby. You’ll want to click here to get a local exterminator to deal with the issue for you.

It’s best to be aware of the risk associated with ticks and how to deal with them.

The Look Of A Tick

A tick is usually between 1mm and 10mm in size. They have eight legs which technically places them in the same class as spiders. They come in an array of colors from reddish-brown through to black and they grow as they absorb your blood. 

It takes several days for them to be full and they can stay on your body for p to 10 days.

Once they get on you they will aim for the warmest and most moist areas, such as armpits or your groin. 

Symptoms Of Infestation

The most obvious symptom is the regular sightings of these small bugs and noticing that you are being bitten regularly. If you’re not being bitten then your pets may be. 

You’ll need to know which part of your garden the ticks are living in, this is the infestation you must deal with. The good news is that they don’t generally infest your home.

You can locate their hangout by seeing where you get bitten the most and where you see the most ticks. It’s likely to be in the long grass, bushes, or trees.

The Cause

Not keeping your grass cut or allowing piles of leaves and grass clippings to collect in your garden. These are perfect spots for the ticks to hide in and then attack you and your pets when you pass by.

Preventing The Ticks

If you have an issue it makes sense to get professional help to ensure they are eliminated properly.

However, removing garden clutter will help. This means cutting the grass and keeping it short, ticks don’t like short grass. You should also remove all grass clippings and leave piles, put them in a proper compost bin. 

Also, keep bushes and trees trimmed, especially those that you pass regularly. This will deprive the ticks of somewhere to live. It’s the best way to prevent or eradicate ticks from your garden.

Of course, being vigilant when you’re out will help to ensure you don’t pick any up walking your dog. It’s best to visually inspect your body after any walk through long grass.

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