The Meaning Behind the Mini Me Fashion Trend

The Meaning Behind the Mini Me Fashion from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

In recent years, famous moms like Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Kate Hudson, and Gisele Bündchen have all rocked matching outfits with their little ones, making mini-me fashion a trend. The mommy and me hashtag, which showcases mother-daughter duos rocking matching outfits that range from athleisure to black tie, has over 5.6 million posts on Instagram. High-end fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, and even Dolce and Gabbana debuted matching couture and accessories-taking the ‘Mommy-and-Me’ phenomenon to sophisticated new heights. Although this twining trend is enjoying a rise in popularity, women throughout history have used clothes to showcase the special bond they have with their children. One thing is for sure: mini me fashion is a timeless trend and it’s here to stay.

The History of the Trend

According to an article by The Atlantic, these matching maternal looks were started by French fashion designer Janne Lanvin in 1908. After giving birth to her first child in 1897, Lanvin realized there was a gap in the fashion market and debuted a line featuring matching pieces for mothers and children. 

Lanvin’s new line used the same materials that were part of her women’s wear but adapted the styles to be more age-appropriate for the fashionistas in training. As a promotion for her new line, Lanvin often sported matching outfits with her daughter. According to fashion historian Jennifer Farley Gordon, this trend surges in popularity during “periods when there is more cultural emphasis on the family and mother-daughter relationships.” Today, mommy-and-me looks offer a wide variety of clothing options to celebrate a mother’s special bond with all of her children.

Mini Me Styles Make a Comeback

While it started in 1908, the family-inspired fashion trend was curtailed by the first world war and the Great Depression. During this time, luxury industries – like fashion- were put on the backburners as many women struggled to afford basic necessities. Eventually, the economy rebounded, and the trend grew in the 1950s. Companies like the McCall Pattern Company launched lines of matching sewing patterns for aprons and Sunday dresses. Mom and daughters were often seen rocking matching outfits while they shopped at the grocery store or did chores.

In recent years, the trend has resurfaced with celebrities and influencers at the helm. Kim Kardashian-West is often spotted matching her daughter, North West. The duo has sported matching looks for casual outings and award ceremonies. Another famous mother that frequently partakes in the trend is Beyonce. The famous singer and her daughter, Blue Ivy, have been known to sport matching sets when they step out in public. The mother-daughter duo was even seen rocking matching floral dresses for the singer’s 38th birthday. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to rock this adorable look.

More Than An Outfit

Now the movement has taken on new meanings. These matching looks aren’t just adorable, they’re a symbol of the connection between a mother and her children, they represent a sense of belonging. Many moms feel these matching sets show the strong relationship and unbreakable bond between her and her children. Wearing mommy-and-me outfits is more than the next social media sensation. It celebrates how involved and invested a mother is in her child’s life. This trend takes planning, dedication, and time – all of which give mothers the chance to learn more about their children. It also gives children a fun, meaningful way to connect with their mothers.

Modernizing the Mini Me Trend

If you are unsure how to put your own twist on the mommy and me trend, think about your personal style and your child’s style. Find pieces which reflect both of your personalities.  Creating these looks doesn’t mean you and your child have to be identical from head to toe. Like most fashion trends, get creative and find ways for your family to make the look your own. T-shirts are a cute and casual way to match you and your children. Try matching accessories like hats, sunglasses, jewelry if you’re on the fence about similar looks. There are plenty of options for age-appropriate, ready-to-wear looks for both parties. 

Mommy and Me Shirts 

Matching tees with sassy sayings have tons of personality for a fraction of the price of couture mother-child clothing sets. Rock matching mommy-and-me shirts and jeans for a laidback way to incorporate the trend into you and your little fashionista’s closet. The mommy and me fashion pieces are a timeless trend and are here to stay. Today, mini-me fashion finds are more affordable and accessible than ever before.

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