5 Ways Busy Moms Become Their Best Selves

5 Ways Busy Moms Become Their Best Selves from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When you become a mom, you give your life to your family. Specifically, you give your life to your family. Even though you still need to work to support the household, you are also the glue that holds everything together.

Everything you do is to create a better life for your kids. 

However, part of your commitment to your kids is to show them that even as an adult, you can make changes in your life that help you become your best self. 

Here are five ways busy moms become their best selves:

  1. Put Your Wellbeing On the To-Do List

Motherly cited a report that stated mothers get less than 30-minutes of ‘me time’ per day. 

With everything you do during the day, sometimes it seems like a miracle if you even get five minutes to yourself. 

However, to become your best self, you need to carve out at least that much time, if not more. It is just as important to see you taking a break as it is for your kids to have a break during the day. 

So, start slow. Include taking time for yourself on your to-do list. Just like taking your child to the dentist and acing that morning meeting, you need to take time for yourself. Taking a breather, whether you take a run, watch your favorite show, or just sit and relax, is essential to your well-being and your children’s wellbeing. You should do more for yourself, like check out this dentist in yorktown so you’re sure your teeth are doing good or if there are underlying issues

  1. Take Preventative Action Against “Mom-Guilt”

Every mom has felt it. You pine for some time by yourself, but when you get it, you can’t wait to get home to be with your baby. Mom guilt is a surefire way to kill a mood. Whether you are going to work, having a date night, or getting your nails done, it’s always hard for moms to be away from their babies.

Yet, if you let mom guilt ruin all the time you do get to work toward being your best self, you won’t ever feel like you have accomplished anything. So, you need to take preventative action against mom’s guilt.

  • Realize you may miss out on some things, but that’s okay. 
  • Know that you are doing your best
  • Understand why you chose to be a working mom
  • Realize that you deserve to be happy.
  1. Do Things You Enjoy

Taking a break and having ‘me time’ does not mean doing chores like going to the grocery store without kids. If you are going to become your best self, you can’t convince yourself you are taking a break just because you don’t have the kids.

Doing things for yourself means you need to do something that makes you happy or works toward fulfilling your dreams. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are doing it for yourself.

  1. Work Toward Your Ideal Job

Most moms need to work to help support your family. However, just because you have kids and a family doesn’t mean you can’t work toward finding a job you love. With online courses and continuing education classes, if there is a job you want, there is a way to become qualified for that job.

For instance, there is a PsyD program in California that allows you to earn APA-Accredited doctoral degrees in clinical psychology. Plus, there are thousands of continuing education courses throughout the United States that can help you start a new career or advance in the field where you already work.

Or, if you just want to earn a new skill and meet some new people, you could always take a one-off hobby course to learn a new skill.  

  1. Make time for You and Your Friends

Even if you don’t want to do anything drastic or as heavy as a class commitment, it is still important to make time for your friends. You don’t need to do anything crazy. You just need to hang out. Whether that means going to a concert, going to a club, or just having an adults-only game night, you need to maintain a social connection with your friends. 

To close, becoming a mom is amazing. There is nothing else in the world that can satisfy a person more than parenthood. However, it is also challenging, and it is easy to lose yourself in the shuffle of family life. Yet, if you let your kids see that despite all of that, you make time for yourself and live your best life, you will prove to them that by taking care of themselves, they too can one day do it all!

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