How to Spark Your E-Cigarettes With the Best Tobacco E-Juice Flavors


For obvious reasons, cheap e cigarettes have taken the world of cigarette smokers by storm, giving a chance to several companies with acclaimed smoking disclaimers and health hazards to reconsider their business and marketing options. E-cigarettes are made up of e-liquids, which comprise Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and of course, essential food flavorings and water. These food flavors are FDA-approved, and e-cigarettes are in no way engaged with diacetyl or tar, therefore, giving them the most pivotal reasons to be popular and in high demand.

From tobacco, fruit, dessert, and beverage flavors to choose from, e-juice blends have been known to possess a fair range of variety for a varied degree of taste buds. There are plenty of unusual flavors such as Green Tea and Ice Gum, but to nobody’s surprise, fruit and dessert flavors take the cake – pardon the pun – for being the most popular and persistent favorites amongst the rest.

We have mentioned some of the best e-juice flavors below, each of which represents a different category.


Home to Superman’s ardent fan base, this e-juice liquid comprises a splash of honeydew with a quaint tanginess similar to that of a skittle’s. Kryptonite tends to get boring and is, however, more popular with people who wish to puff e-cigarettes without getting hit by the taste of tobacco.


Ideally classified as one of the best e-juice flavors in this category, Very Vanilla is open to suggestions and gets ardently mixed with various other flavors to make the e-juice stand out and thus, more authentic and upbeat. Vanilla can be mixed be with either chocolate or strawberry in order to produce the taste of ice cream, or can also be mixed with the basic ingredients of a banana split to make the e-juice taste just like that.

The best part about Very Vanilla is that it signifies the e-juice’s components quite vividly, which makes the different flavors quite evident. One can taste the layering, and get an idea of how creaminess and liqueur taste like as well. Very Vanilla is exciting and luscious, and at the same time, isn’t overwhelming at all.


Picture your everyday coffee with just the right hit of caffeine and tobacco, but without the usual cup and saucer. Double and Triple Espresso and much tastier and popular than the simple coffee or single espresso flavors, and they might be just the thrill that your dull life needs at the office. They are usually without the tobacco flavor, but there is no rule why you can’t add it to your double espresso vaping liquid in order to make it the best e-juice you’ve ever tasted.


Let’s talk about natural tobacco extracted e-juice flavors, which are probably the first choice of people who wish to quit smoking. Black Note Forte manages to retain the freshness and purity of tobacco extract, making it seem just like the real McCoy.

Black Note Forte has been FDA-approved and is thus more popular for smokers. With its coil-friendly e-juice, and authentic ingredients, and natural extract from tobacco leaves, Black Note Forte is not only popular but trustworthy and reliable as probably the best e-juice in this category.

As aforementioned, Fire Ice Gum and Green Tea are also completely relevant and highly popular due to their burning and sweet taste, respectively. The market contains a lot of e-juice flavors, and subsequently, new ones get added to the inventory every now and then. If you’re looking for intense throat hits, then we would recommend the tobacco e-juice liquid or the Fire Ice Gum vaping liquid for a fresh, menthol flavor.

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