The Best Items To Put in a Party Favor Bag for Teens

The Best Items To Put in a Party Favor Bag for Teens

I love a good birthday party, y’all! I’ve recently been thinking about party favors and what kind my kids might like. It has been a while since I bought party favors for the kids and their friends. Now that they’re older, I recently asked, “If you could redo your Sweet 16 or any other birthday year, what sort of party favors would you give out?” Boy, they got excited and gave me some answers.

I never thought teens would care for these little gifts. Y’all, when I tell you, they gave me a grocery list of things they would’ve loved to give their friends on their birthday. Here is my kids’ list of the best items to put in a party favor bag for teens—ones they’ll appreciate and use (according to my youngest)!

Put a Journal in the Party Favor Bag

I remember keeping a journal as a teen. I never truly realized how much of an impact it had on my life. Since teenagers like expressing their emotions, sometimes they need a place to do it privately. So giving them a journal in their goody bags might be a good idea.

My children each liked this idea because they could decorate each page with drawings, doodles, thoughts, lists, and anything to get their thoughts out there somehow. I know using a journal growing up helped me express myself and ultimately inspired me to keep on writing. That, I think, can help teenagers learn to love writing.

Provide a Personalized Pillowcase

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a personalized pillowcase unless I was sewing different fabrics together to make a custom one. But nowadays, a customized pillowcase contains a pressed-on image of an animal, a person’s name, or other fun designs.

I think this idea is quite clever, y’all. Instead of ordering customized cases weeks in advance, consider having all the invitees make their own. It’s a great bonding experience that might grow into a love for crafts.

Give Them Each a Personalized Keychain

A memorable party favor makes every birthday special. If there are teens in the group just learning to drive, these keychains will make the perfect gift. Even if none of the partygoers are drivers, this is a great gift idea to give everyone. Elevate it further by personalizing the keychain with each party guest’s name or attaching a group photo of the guests with the birthday person.

My kids swear by this list of party favors to give teens, and I love it! Have any of y’all bought party favors for your teen’s friends? While sometimes it’s hard to buy gifts for teens, I think this list will guide you and me toward the best party favors to give teens.

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