The Abc’s of Me

I saw this on another blog Nothing Good Comes Easy and thought it was a neat idea so I decided to do it. Basically the theory behind this is you pick a word that describes you that starts with each letter of the alphabet so letters are easier than others. Some letters are just plain hard like x and z so I will improvise.

Giggling sometimes I laugh so hard I pee my pants don’t  judge after having 3 girls that  weighed 7lb 9 oz, 8lb 4oz and 9lbs 6 oz then we can talk
Helpful (if any one needs help and asks I will do my best to be there to help even if  it means pushing aside things I need to get done.
In the know or at least let me think that LOL
Just wants to get things  done quick so I don’t have to stress over it.
Kautious I don’t share my feelings often for fear of being hurt ( I know it is spelled with a C but you try doing it.
Loyal (but if you cross me it will
 take me a while to get over it see S on that one)
Nut (my sense of humor comes out  all the time)
On the look out for the next good deal
Patient in some ways but not the other see U
Quiet I am not one to talk in the open about what really scares me and the struggles I am going through
Rattled at times
Stubborn (yea I will admit that is one thing I have to work on.
Talkative at times
Unpatient when it comes to something I want I want it now LOL see letter P
Vocal if I believe something is wrong I am going to say something about it
Xtra hardworker I don’t believe  in getting anything handed to me.
YIKES!!! at a loss for words on this one
Zestful– I have a zest for life


Believe you me this is a lot harder than it appears.

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  1. I wanna do this at some point…such a cute idea…but it'll have to wait until after I'm done with my 30 Days About Me…Glad you are all well after Irene! 🙂

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