Tuesday Tidy Time

Once again the work I did was on the outside.
 Painting and sprucing up the yard for a birthday party this weekend.
Here are the before pictures:

These chaises were looking sad.
These were actually made from pallets from Hubby’s work.

And the swing set has seen better days.
So we decided to paint.

Here is a shower curtain.
Okay now I know you are thinking she has totally lost  it.
 But watch what I turn this into.
Here are the finished products:

The Chaises with their new cushions.
I have a bath outlet store in my town that sells seconds.
I paid $2.50 for each curtain.
I only had to sew 2 sides of the curtains.
I used the holes at the top of the shower curtains
and pulled ribbons through them to make it easy to
take them off to wash.

Here is a closeup of the cushions.
Now here is the swing set.
The hand prints and splatters was actually the idea of my middle daughter, Mikaela.
I loved it because I always like to be different.
I have to admit that I did not do this tidy all by my self.
 I had help.
I was only able to catch two in the act of painting but I think they got more paint on them.

Oldest Daughter Maddie and her friend Ricky

What are you tidying today?

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