Have Your Cupcake…But Don’t Eat It

These cupcakes are so easy to make and last forever. What you say a cupcake that lasts forever- sign me up. It is not a cupcake you can eat silly- it is one for decoration. We used these cupcakes as party favors for Gracie’s Easter party. The materials you will need to make these adorable cupcakes would be
baby washcloths (2)
rubber band
cupcake liner
plastic bag
Here are the directions to make these adorable cakes:
  1. Take one washcloth and fold it 1/ 2 long way
  2. Roll it up
  3. Next fold the other one in 1/2 the long way
  4. Roll the 2nd one around the first and secure with a rubber band
  5. Tie a ribbon around it and place in a cupcake liner
  6. Place in plastic bag.
There now you have a cupcake and the best part zero calories. I will be sharing with you other things that can be done with baby washcloths in the next couple of days.

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