The 8 Best Affordable Boutique Hotels NYC Has To Offer (For Families)

The 8 Best Affordable Boutique Hotels NYC Has To Offer (For Families) from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A trip to New York doesn’t have to break the bank, and when you book a room at one of the more affordable boutique hotels in NYC, it won’t. Though you have your fair share of hotels from which to choose for your upcoming family vacation to the Big Apple, look into booking a room at one of these family and budget-friendly resorts.

The Best Family-Friendly Affordable Boutique Hotels In NYC

The hotel at which you stay can really make or break your NYC experience, so while you may be tempted to book a $50 room at the Best Western or Motel 6, refrain from doing so. The eight hotels on this list boast attractive rates but truly add to the overall New York experience.

1. TWA Hotel

The TWA Hotel is a throwback to sixties-era flight and truly offers a one-of-a-kind experience. A stay at the TWA is a trip in and of itself, as guests enjoy access to a 60’s-era Parisian café, a 1958 airplane-turned-cocktail lounge, an observation deck from which you can watch jets take off, and, of course, a pool. Your kids will love the fact that JFK and its constant flight traffic is right outside your room window, while you’ll enjoy the view and the quiet, thanks to the ultra-thick window panes. The rates are extremely affordable, though they vary by season, and, as a bonus, you save money on the cab ride you don’t have to take from airport to hotel.

2.  Westgate New York Grand Central

This new boutique hotel in Midtown is more “New York” than the TWA but is just as family and budget-friendly. Located in the heart of the city, the resort offers stunning balcony and window views of the cityscape below. Windows are double-paned and thereby reduce the noise pollution, which may make it easier for you to put your kids to bed before you head to the on-site restaurant for a quiet and relaxing gourmet meal.

The Tudor City Tavern, located on the first floor, serves up soups, sandwiches, and salads. In the morning hours, it also offers eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and other breakfast favorites. Grab a StarbucksÔ Coffee, espresso, or cappuccino before heading to Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, or some other nearby, must-see location.

3.  Hudson Hotel

This boutique gem is located in the heart of Midtown and boasts modern rooms, whimsical décor, a living wall, and rooftop terrace. In exchange for affordability, guests sacrifice space. However, assuming you’ll be out and about all day, space is a fair trade for a central location directly outside of Central Park.

4. Public Hotel

According to the hotel’s designer, Ian Schrager, Public is “the People’s hotel,” and is “about inclusivity, not exclusivity.” That said, you’ll sure feel exclusive when you dine at the rooftop bar, which offers some of the best views of downtown, or when you fall asleep in a room decorated with upscale materials such as leather and Brazilian ziricote wood. The tradeoff is that the hotel does not offer any turndown service, bellman, front desk, room service, or any other conveniences often associated with upscale lodging.

5. Row NYC

Row NYC is located in New York’s epicenter and just a few blocks down from Time’s Square signage. As a guest at Row NYC, you may be tempted to spend your whole trip within its walls, as the hotel houses an expansive food hall with top-notch offerings, a gym, and a sugar factory.

6. The Jane

The Jane, one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, is rich in history, as it was originally a home for visiting sailors. In fact, the hotel once served as temporary lodging for survivors of the Titanic. The rooms have been restored to look like ship cabins and everything, from the front desk to the dining hall to the uniformed bellhops, add to the seafaring vibe.

7. Pod 51

Pod 51 is a funky, budget-conscious hotel with locations in both uptown and downtown. Both joints offer cozy yet well-appointed rooms that sleep up to four. The catch, however, is that the rooms are equipped with bunks, which doesn’t seem to bother families that come to the city to explore.

8. Nu Hotel

Nu Hotel is one of the more attractive affordable boutique hotels in NYC for families who emphasize sustainable living. This Brooklyn hotel utilizes organic sheets, all-natural bath products, and recycled furniture to create a cozy yet sustainable place for guests to stay.

Don’t break the bank on a New York hotel. Enjoy comfort, convenience, and modern amenities by booking a stay at one of the above eight hotels.

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