4 Types of T-shirt Design Techniques from Which Designers Can Derive Inspiration

4 Types of T-shirt Design Techniques from Which Designers Can Derive Inspiration from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

You need to know some design ideas and have knowledge about printing to have one of its kind T-shirt designs printed on your chosen T-shirt brand. Thus, you will know how far it will be possible to recreate the design. You may have many fancy design ideas, but it must match with the printing technology to ensure that it looks beautiful when printed.  Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand the types of T-shirt designs and even the sources from where you can gather inspiration about designs. As you gain inspiration from others, you will be in a better position to understand what designs work and what does not. By knowing the different design options, you will be able to understand better which type of T-shirt design would be most appealing.  

Here are the types of designs that you can try out when choosing your T-shirt from The Print Bar T shirts range.

Typography Designs

T-shirts that come with messages printed on them are typical examples of Typography Design. Whether it is some slogan, phrases or sentences, the design depends on letters only with almost no use of images or photos. Written words arranged artistically are the mainstay of Typography Design, and its appeal lies in framing the message or slogan to communicate with people. Presenting the message attractively by choosing selective typography requires the right amount of creativity and artistic understanding. You must know which type of fonts to use for generating the desired effects.

Photography Designs

Use of hyper-realistic images is the hallmark of Photography Designs on T-shirts. Photographic images are in focus when creating photography designs, and any text used in the design is secondary because it only complements the image. Since the image is the main constituent of the T-shirt design, the printing method acquires a lot of importance to recreate the image correctly that upholds its appeal.  The image on the T-shirt must be an exact reproduction of the actual image for which the Direct to Garment printing technique is most appropriate. It helps to achieve superior quality prints on T-shirts and should be the obvious choice over other printing techniques. In addition to direct-to-garment printing, the Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing technique, which utilizes DTF station films, offers another excellent option for reproducing high-quality photographic images on T-shirts. This method captures every detail with precision, ensuring that the visual impact of the original image is fully retained.

Graphic Designs

Graphic designs are a combination of artistic designs and typography. Unlike photography designs that revolve around images, graphic designs blend both images and typography in equal measures to create the design. Removing any one of the elements would hamper the design. The combination of typography and pictures create illustrative and stylized T-shirt designs that are unique and eye-catching and bears the distinct marks of creativity of the designer.

Abstract Designs

Images arranged haphazardly that does not make any sense is perhaps the best way to describe the abstract design. The design has no particular narrative or meaning behind it except for creating a visual impact with the arrangement.  The aesthetic elements dominate the design that is often interesting but without any meaning.

Instead, the design is open to all kinds of interpretation but capable of generating high attraction.

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