Great Ways to Advertise



If you are thinking of some unique ways to advertise your business, then check out these ideas to that will sure to make your name memorable.
Cookie pops. Everyone loves these. Get your favorite cookie recipe together ahead of time, or use slice and bake cookies. But before you put them in the oven, insert Popsicle sticks or plastic lollipop sticks into the soft cookie. When you’re done, allow the cookie pop to cool completely, then place in a cellophane bag with a ribbon tied around the stem. Attach your business card to the pop and it is a great form of advertising. .
Flower pots and seeds. Plant and flower seeds are the perfect way to advertise your business in the spring. Seeds can be purchased from your local nursery for a reasonable price. Attach either your business card or a sticker with all your information on the packet. Also do not forget the old standbys of pens, pencils, magnets, calendars and t-shirts as a way to advertise as well. And why not try bracelets as well. You can be very creative when it comes to advertising. I would love to know how you advertise.

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