Stunning Sofa Styles To Glam Up Your Home

Stunning Sofa Styles To Glam Up Your Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A sofa is the functional focal point of your living room. It is the most crucial furniture item that draws up the aesthetics of your living area. Whether you are shopping for a wooden sofa design or a chic leatherette style, there are endless options. You will find a sofa for every room décor, every color scheme, and more importantly, for every budget. So, you are looking for a new sofa, find inspiration right here! We have narrowed down the top stunning sofa styles that are a perfect fit for every décor. 

Here we go…

1. Chesterfield Sofa

The name alone- chesterfield carries a charm of distinction. Exuding royalty and historical finesse this sofa is the hallmark of the style. Rolled-up arms and deep button tufting are the signature attributes of a chesterfield sofa. Earlier, the tufting was available with only leather upholstery but now you have many more options. 

2. Camelback

Appropriately named- Camelback- the humped back is the sure sign of this sofa. This classic sofa features exposed legs and scrolled/square arms. Thanks to its distinct arched back that provides this sofa has a luxurious charm. This sofa works well with modern as well as traditional elements. It lends your living room a formal appeal that is worth admiration. 

3. Diwan

 This is a popular sofa style that can be found in every Indian household. This traditional piece traces its roots to palaces of Indian Maharajas. A diwan set usually features a low wooden frame and is adorned by bolster pillows and cushions. Whether you prefer to place it directly on the ground or use a tufted mattress, this beautiful sofa style will justify all kinds of settings. By day they can be used for seating and by night they can be turned into a bed. Amazing, isn’t it? That is why it is loved the most. 

4. Tuxedo

 The popular sofa style takes its name from classic men’s suit- a tuxedo. This sofa resembles a box shape. It has neat edges and is distinguished by its same height arms and back. The rectangular silhouette of this sofa looks gorgeous in all kinds of upholstery be it leather or trendy velvet. The crisp angles provide a sofa with a refined look that is good to go with formal occasions. 

5. Lawson

 This sofa is distinguishable by its boxy look. It features a lowered arm height than its back. It is a typical American-style sofa that is super comfortable and radiates a gorgeous appeal. The classic Lawson sofa is considered to be the most versatile in terms of upholstering fabric. You can easily get it adorned with the fabric of your choice. Also, you have customization options for colors and lifestyle Information that lets you add a pop of color to your living room. 

6. Loveseat

 Fashionable, compact, and quirky, the loveseats are typically designed to accommodate two people. Due to its small size, this sofa can fit in any corner. For additional seating, you can use this sofa in most spaces. 

Which sofa style do you like the most? All of these stunning sofa styles are unique in their own sense. Pick any that suits your preference. Check Shop Abunda for sofa/couch financing.

Happy shopping!!

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