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To show that this blog is unbiased I wanted to write an article about not only our current first lady’s sense of style but also about the style of Ann Romney. If Mitt Romney wins the election, the American people need not worry about whether or not his wife, Ann, would carry on the tradition of elegance, style and class. Ann Romney is a hidden treasure for Americans. Not many people knew who she was before her husband decided to run for president but once thrust into the limelight she has yet to disappoint the American public. Her style is one of grace and elegance. Having her as first lady will give the American people confidence that she will (as the first ladies before her did as well) leave things to the imagination. How refreshing it is to see women who dress their age and not want to look like teeny boppers. I have seen so many women in the prime of their lives think that they have to dress like a teenager to feel young again. When in reality they really should not wear those outrageous clothes. Admit you know someone like that as well. So if Mitt Romney wins the election, the American people will be represented by a first lady who has class, style and elegance rolled into one.

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  1. Personally, I would like to see (in these tough economic times) for these ladies to show some class by not having to buy $2,000 tee shirts. Living simply so that others can simply have a roof over their head may seem like an unrealistic expectation but living lavishly while others do without is not classy or respectable. At least donate those clothing items that she can’t be seen twice in to a women’s shelter for mother’s who are trying to obtain work and care for their children on a single mother’s paycheck.

    Seriously, those presidential suits might even go toward helping a man interview for a new job.

    Now, that would be classy…seeing her shop in a thrift or second hand clothing store would make me smile. Ann would still be beautiful as she is thrust into the limelight of a president’s wife.

    Just think of all the women who could stand a little taller because of her frugality…she doesn’t have to let go of her charm at all, but the wealthy pride and ignorance does little to open the minds and hearts of those they “don’t have to worry about”. Just saying…

    I’m sure this comment will not win me any friends but that is not what I’m about anyway. However, if coca cola just shot our your nose with what I said–you completely get where I’m coming from.

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