“How to Make a YouTube Video”

If you are anything like me I am an obsessive do it yourselfer. I love to take old things and give me a new purpose. But a lot of time I need to see how things are done first hand and then try my hand at it. Did you know that you can learn how to do so many things by checking YouTube. I have learned how to make everything from duct tape flowers to dance moves. But here is a question that I have for you. Have you uploaded a video of your own? Well if you have not here are some simple steps to follow to get those videos on their site. First, get yourself a good video camera. Check the quality of the picture and sound before you buy one. Next, experiment with the camera. You can only get better with your videos with practice. Uploading your videos is fairly easy but first you have to make an account, so that all your videos will be in one place. Personally,  I have fallen in love with YouTube. I love how I can find a  video to show you how to make the item all in one place. I love that I do not have to hunt down all the instructions for what  I want to make. The step by step instructions are easy to understand and follow. Ok here is a little confession on my part, I am do it yourselfer but sometimes my do it yourself projects turn into let’s make the trash can look more attractive if you know what I mean.  I get so frustrated so easy that I end up throwing all the items in the trash. All the projects that I have completed, I have help in one way shape or form from my husband who is an amazing do it yourselfer. He has the kind of analytical mind that he can just look at project and figure out how to make. He does not need instructions. His mind can just study something and viola he makes. Remember that tractor he made for my birthday. Well there is a story behind this, I saw it in the store and thought it was so cute. I asked him could he make one for me. He told me to take a picture of it and he will see. Not only did he work from just one picture, he made a tractor that looked even better than the one at the store. Now that is what I call one amazing do it yourself project.  But before he could make the project he had to find a picture. So guess where I go for all my project needs, yep YouTube is one the sites. So check it out and you might learn something as well.


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