So, Where Should I Call Home?

So, Where Should I Call Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs defines shelter as one of the baseline items to live a happy, fulfilling lifestyle. But your home should be more than just a roof over your head. You want to live in a place that brings out your personality and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The rest of the world gets exhausting and crazy, but your home provides an escape and a constant safe space. But how do you figure out where that place should be? At all different points in your life, you may require different living situations. You may be able to cram five people into a tiny three-bedroom apartment in college, but when you grow older and have a steady job, you may be interested in an actual house. Your needs and wants change throughout your life, so your home will shift as well. There are still key things to remember whether you are moving into your first apartment, purchasing your first house, or moving into a calm retirement community.

Moving Out

The first time moving out of your parents’ house is a momentous occasion. You finally will have your own freedom in your own place, as well as your own bills and a new set of responsibilities. Most people choose to move into an apartment for their first home away from home. The shorter leases allow for flexibility and roommates. You may not be making a lot of money to start a mortgage or live on your own. An apartment may be your perfect fit.

For a first-time renter, there are pieces of the puzzle for you to consider. A rental application form will determine if you are financially stable enough for a lease and if you need renters’ insurance. Often, the apartment doesn’t cover electric, water, or WiFi costs, so you have to be sure to budget that in as well. Be on the lookout for extra costs like parking or valet trash services. On the other hand, your apartment will provide free maintenance and lawn care, so you won’t have to budget for those the way you would if you bought your own property.

Room for Family

What happens when you feel it may be time to settle down? You might be getting married, wanting to start a family, or are just certain your area is where you’d like to be planted for a while. This may be the time to consider buying a house. Just like any major investment buying a house has pros and cons. For one, the real estate market is an expensive one. Homes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so a mortgage will often be a longstanding debt. However, with a house that you own, you can start to take steps to really make it your own. You are completely responsible for any remodeling or upkeep to the home. Many homeowners will end up living in their homes for 10, 20, or even 50 years. Searching for a house can be tricky because you want to be sure it’s perfect. But finding the perfect home will feel just right.  

Retirement Years

There may come a point, later in life, when you need to relocate. While houses are great, they do require a good deal of work. In their retirement years, many seniors may choose to move to retirement communities for people 55 and over. In these communities, you have much less responsibility and can enjoy a calmer lifestyle. Maintenance needs are taken care of, and you can still have an independent life with others who are ready to take advantage of their retirement right alongside you.

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  1. It took me a year to fully embrace our new home in Colorado. I loved my home back in AZ so much because my community was there…its not here…at least not yet. So I think home really can be where your heart is. But eventually you have to learn how to make home where you are.

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