Baltic Amber: Versatile Pain Relief for the Whole Family

Baltic Amber Versatile Pain Relief for the Whole Family from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Don’t you love the whole repurposing movement? Old things are given new life; new things meant for one purpose find broader use than initially imagined… the whole thing just screams of we, the created ones, reflecting the image of our Creator.  This innate creativity has brought one of the most effective, convenient, and economic resources to medical kits of a growing number of families: the Baltic amber teething necklace.

This pretty, pleasingly-smooth little necklace marketed to relieve the pain and inflammation of a teething child is proving itself useful in all instances of pain and inflammation – from infancy to senior adulthood. Because the mechanism by which the necklace soothes teething symptoms is the same mechanism at work in over-the-counter analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications, users began experimenting with replacing these synthetic treatments with the Baltic amber necklace. Sometimes worn as a bracelet or anklet on larger people, success has been shown in easing the symptoms of arthritis, sore muscles, respiratory irritation, and acute injury sites.

Why Should You Consider Adding a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace to Your Family First Aid Kit?

It is completely natural. While medical research has given us many advances in the care and treatment of disease, we are also increasingly understanding the long-term risks and side effects of using synthetic treatments. A movement, even in the medical community, is returning to seeking natural options first and leaving the synthetics as last resorts.

Baltic amber is one such natural remedy. It contains a high concentration of succinic acid, which is the human body’s naturally occurring pain-relief and anti-inflammatory agent. Our bodies, however, do not always produce enough of the acid to effectively address the pain or swelling that we are experiencing.

Wearing Baltic amber against the skin allows us to absorb the amber’s stores of succinic acid and boost our own body’s system of pain and swelling relief. This is done with complete safety, as the body already has a process in place for using succinic acid and simply eliminates any unused excess.

It is sustained relief. All over-the-counter medications must be repeatedly administered and create a peak-and-valley cycle of symptom relief. Wearing a Baltic amber teething necklace for pain or swelling maintains a consistent level of succinic acid delivery, allowing for long-term sustainability of relief.

It is convenient. There are no dosing schedules. No liquid applicators. No pill bottles. Two of your most common medications can be replaced by one single necklace. It is safely and easily used by every member of your family. And it fits in a tiny, flexible space in your bag, first aid kit, or wherever you’d like to store it for use on the go.

It is economical. Let’s face it, restocking your medical kit can get expensive. Among the most-used items (right after Band-Aids, of course) are your pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. Those two categories are replenished frequently in most homes. One single necklace replaces both medications, is a reusable durable item that maintains effectiveness for years, and only costs around $20.00. At that cost, you may be able to splurge and purchase two or three teething necklaces for your kit, just in case more than one family member is experiencing symptoms at the same time!

This simple, natural jewelry item target-marketed to the parents of teething infants is fast becoming one of the all-stars of repurposing. If you’ve got any use at all for pain relief or swelling reduction – in other words, if you are living life – a Baltic amber teething necklace from may be worth a try, no matter how far past the teething stage you may be!

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