Why You Should Choose Gerber Baby Formula

Why You Should Choose Gerber Baby Formula from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you have chosen to feed your baby with formula, it is paramount you choose the best one as this is where your baby will obtain most, if not all, of the important nutrients. There are many brands that offer different types of baby formula. Some of these baby formulas may either taste better than others or have more nutrients and vitamins than others.

Some of these formulas might also be non-GMO while some might not be. This deep vAriation is because the manufacturers of these formulas have set different standards when it comes to manufacturing these formulas

Why Gerber baby formula?

Gerber is one of the best baby formula around and has set very high standards when it comes to the production of baby foods and baby formula. Gerber produces about 4 types of formulas with some having different stages within them. One thing that makes Gerber formulas to really stand out from other formulas is that all the formulas are partially hydrolyzed or fully hydrolyzed in the case of specialty formula.

What this means, is that the milk protein used to make the formula is broken into smaller particles such that the baby’s system doesn’t detect the presence of the protein. This helps to ease discomforts such as fussiness and gas. It is also good for kids who are allergic to cow milk protein.

Below is a comparison of the top formulas by Gerber

 Gerber Good Start Gentle vs. Gerber Good Start Soothe


  1. Both Gerber Good Start Gentle and GarberGood Start Soothe are non-GMO. This means that these formulas are made purely from organic components obtained from plants which have been naturally grown and not from genetically modified organisms or plants. This is important because these formulas do not have potential side effects to your baby as compared to the GMO ones.
  2. These two formulas contain DHA and Probiotics nutrients. DHA is an important nutrient as it helps in faster development of the baby’s brain. Their speech and thinking skills also develop much faster.

The Probiotic nutrient helps the digestive system of the babies by helping it develop a good rhythm and at the same time preventing infection from bacteria.

Differences between Gerber Good Start Gentle and Gerber Good Start Soothe

Amount of Content

A container of Garber Good StartGentle contains 23.2 ounces and comes in a pack of six which together can fill up to 246 bottles with each bottle at 4 fluid ounces. On the other hand, a Gerber Soothe container has about 30.6 ounces which can make 55 bottles of feed with each at 4 fluid ounces. The Garber soothe doesn’t have the option of a six pack but the amount you get in one container speaks for itself. Gerber Soothe, therefore, has more content than Gerber Good start.


Due to the fact that Gerber good start comes in a pack of six the difference in price for an individual container compared to that of a Gerber soothe container is not as straightforward. However if you add up Gerber soothe formula containers in bulk and compare the prices between the two formulas, Gerber Good start smooth emerges to be cheaper one.

Milk Proteins

Gerber soothe has been developed specifically for babies whose tummies are sensitive to milk proteins or babies with problems such as gas, fussiness or colic. The proteins have been completely broken down. Gerber gentle, on the other hand, has been developed specifically for babies with small tummies making it ideal for newborns. However, the milk proteins have not been fully broken down as compared to Gerber soothe making it unsuitable for kids with gas or colic problems.

This article is written by Sophia Nguyen, from healthybabyhappyearth.com

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