Simple Ways to Encourage Friends

Simple Ways to Encourage Friends from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you talk to any of my friends about me the one thing that they will always say when describing me is that I am always a cheerleader. I am usually the one who encourages others. Even though I am my own worst enemy and critic. Why is it that I can encourage others but not myself? I guess because when I was growing up I wasn’t encouraged a lot. So I want people to never feel the way I have felt for most of my life. So keep reading for simple ways to encourage friends. I actually wrote this post a few months back and was holding it to publish later in the year, but because of the pandemic that is causing havoc in our country right now, I decided to hit the publish button sooner. Because during this time of crisis we all need a little bit of encouragement, whether it be a smile, a kind word or even just funny meme on social media. 

Use Your Phone

I know I know, it seems like people are obsessed with their phones, but at least with this method, you can use it for good. 

Send an Encouraging Text

There are a few friends that I check in with over text. I normally ask how their days are going and encourage them to have a good day. I often send a quote from something that I am reading that made me think of them or just a funny picture. That human interaction even it is behind the screen means a lot. I know that when I am having a lousy day, an out of the blue text from a friend makes a bad day better. 


Sometimes it is so easy to send a text that we forget that people need the human voice to connected. I often call, Facetime, or even send a voice memo to friends just to show that I am thinking of them and hope that they are doing well. 

Social Media


I know sometimes social media can be so the opposite of encouraging. There are some people /posts that trigger me. But there is still a way you can encourage others. For example, I created a mastermind with my friend, Tracy and every day I post an encouraging picture or thought in the group. 

Commenting on Post

You can also use social media for encouraging by commenting on positive and thoughtful words on your friend’s posts or page. Remember a kind word can go a long way so if you are going to post something negative, stop. 

It’s the Little Things

Pay attention to what your friends like or even take cues from them. Keep reading to find out more. 

Sharing books

There are times when I am through with a book, I think about what friend would love to read it. I just gave my friend You Are Enough by Mandy Hale.  I might have promised to her this book a while ago, but I finally got it to her. 

Cards/ Unexpected Surprises

A while back I wrote a post with the help of Hallmark about the lost art of letter writing. Dropping those cards in the mail, not only made me happy but they also made the friends who received them happy. 

Coffee with friends or anything that sets aside time where you can just sit and chat is always good. ( Right now Zoom calls are my life. I so need that human interaction.) But sometimes coffee on the go is good too. For instance, during the fall, field trip days on the farm are hectic. When I would drop Gracie off at school before going to work I would always run by Starbucks and grab not only a coffee for me but also one for Emily.

Pray with Them and For Them

Sometimes there isn’t much else you can do to encourage friends but prayer. I am a firm believer in prayer. Without prayer, I don’t think I would have gotten through the whole year of 2014. Offer to pray with your friends and if they aren’t up for that then you can still remember them in your prayers. 


Above all else, the most important thing you can do to encourage a friend is to listen to them. They may not want your advice, so don’t give it unless asked. Sometimes they just want to be heard and told that their feelings are real. To be validated. 

As you can see these are just a few simple ways to encourage friends. Most of these only cost your time. I know time is valuable but it is so rewarding when you give your time to help someone else. 

So tell me what are some of your ways to encourage friends? 

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