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Your life is no doubt busy, hectic and fast-paced. Time is a precious commodity that once spent cannot be refunded or returned. Therefore you will always, and quite rightly so, look for a way of preserving, saving or better using your time, getting things done quicker and more easily wherever possible. If there are any tips to learn, “cheats” to adopt or so-called life-hacks to be shared then why not listen to them and take them as your own. That is how life works after all. So here we look at one way to save time, energy, effort and maybe even a little piece of mind, and it is indeed a very simple idea – clothing stamps for names.


School uniforms are exactly that – uniform. They are all the same, look the same and cannot be distinguished. It may seem easy at home to determine who an item of clothing belongs to, but imagine the possibilities at school, say after PE or even in the classroom. All jumpers etc. look alike for good reason, but that doesn’t help the individual identify their own. Hence the need for labels and clothing stamps for names. If each item is clearly identified and recognizable, then the owner can be reunited with it in no time if there are several unlabelled items all of the same size and color etc. then chaos can ensue, and life is already chaotic enough as you’d all no doubt agree.


Where there is a problem though, there is usually more than one solution. This in itself can add to the problem – which is the “best” solution and which one should you adopt? Do you look to write in marker pen on the label? Should you sew in a label, iron on, or stamp the label? What happens after a few washes – and of course children’s clothing is always going to need a lot of washing!

Apparently, one preferred method is an iron on a label or a simple pen – but then doesn’t the pen fade after washing, and what do you write – the initials or full name or version thereof? The number of suggested ways in which to label the clothes clearly indicates that people care about the issue, rather than leaving things to chance. Clothing can be expensive and is a personal item which, albeit uniform, might be missed. But if only one or two people choose not to label and leave things unaltered then the chances of any potential mix-ups increases. Do you want to be the person trying to choose between two or three items of school-wear and having to guess? Probably not. So labeling can help avoid this altogether.


Sewn-in labels may bring back memories of your own school days, perhaps you are even able to remember pre-printed labels with your full name on that when sewn on, sometimes put your name in reverse, or maybe not! Just because something is old-fashioned doesn’t mean that it is outdated. Then again, technology and development may have brought about better solutions. Schools don’t really help the problem or decision-making process either. They are quick to indicate that items should be labeled, perhaps even making it a requirement, but they are less forthcoming in a suggested method as to just how this can be achieved.


Ultimately, as with everything in life, there are decisions to be made, and you will be the person making them. It is usually a good idea to listen to all of the possible solutions and experiment a little until you discover your preferred one – but wouldn’t it just be easier if someone said to do this – and it worked!

There are of course tools out there that make things easier that makes it so that you can label by the seat of your pants! Labeling ensures that the right items are sent to school, and moreover that the correct ones return from school – they cost money to replace after all. Clothing stamps for names ensure a quick an easy solution to an age-old problem. Of course, you can risk it and do without, or just use a pen perhaps, but do you want to be the person sifting through clothes trying to “guess” which is right – probably not. Moreover, you would not want your children to come home jumper-less etc. because they all looked the same! With a little pre-planning and the right bit of kit, you can save time, feel less stressed and move onto the next issue of the day. Good luck.  

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