15 Smart Tips To Help You Shop For Your Wardrobe

15 Smart Tips to help you shop for your wardrobe from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Shopping is inseparable to modern life. There may have been instances with you when you go out to buy something in particular, but instead, buy something unnecessarily. Or, have you ever been in a purchasing dilemma? It is very common though. People usually go out shopping but instead return empty-handedly or sometimes having bought something they really don’t need. If you have been through this, then this article is to help you shop better. Here are the tips to help you shop better:

1. Make A List

This may sound very cliche but it’s true and very helpful. You should always try to make a list before you head out shopping. This will help you make better decisions. In fact, this would save you from going astray when you don’t have a clue what you came for. Many of us have been there. People lose their motives when they see the variety of stuff, the market has to offer. Having said that, you need to make sure that your list of things is a little flexible. For example, rather than making a note to buy a Gucci shirt in black, make a note that you need to buy a shirt.

2. Make A Budget

Yes, it is very important that you make a budget. You don’t want to exhaust all of your savings on shopping for clothes only. Once you have a list of things you wish to purchase, estimate their costs. Limit your budget. This way, you’ll be able to better manage your finances and avoid rogue shopping.

3. Explore Your Options

While shopping, do not set yourself back by adhering to your list since you’ve made your list a little flexible. It is better to look for alternatives. Keep an eye on what options do you have. Shopping essentially means that you should know the options at your disposal. It is noteworthy that you may get confused between two or more options. The smart move would be to make a note of what you liked and why.

4. Don’t Follow Your Impulses

You don’t want to waste your money on to something that may never come out of your closet. Think of what you actually need. Do not follow your impulses. Often your impulses would lead you to make unnecessary purchases.

5. Try Before You Buy

You should always try your clothes or any other stuff (for that matter) before you actually buy it. This may prevent you from following your impulses most of the time. And of course, the product that you shop will also be suited to your intended purpose. You can assure whether you can rely on the product that you are buying or soon you’ll have to rush back to the store to get it replaced. For example, whenever you purchase a car, you test drive it. Before you buy, you make sure that it is comfortable and you like it. This holds true to clothing as well. Before you buy a pair of jeans or a shirt, make sure it fits you and is comfortable.

6. Accessorize Your Look

Accessories can help turn your ordinary style into a statement. Use eyewear, headwear, belts, and shoes that compliment your style. For example, if you are buying neckwear you can go for a gold chain or a pendant. David Chapman from FrostNYC.com recommends that when choosing a men’s gold chain, you should choose the color of gold that best contrasts against your skin. The accessories that you buy should be suited to your taste and your personality.

7. Keep A Close Check On The Offers And Discounts

Ask the store manager or the sales boy for the offers and the discounts. Usually, the stores would display their offers near the aisles of the respective items. But it is still wiser to confirm with a store representative. You should have observed that there is a small font sentence right next to the offer board, saying that “TnC Applies” with an asterisk in the superscript. These offers and discounts are typically meant for selected items in the aisle. One can easily get confused between the discounted and non-discounted items.

8. Do Not Let The Sales Guy Deceive You

The sales guys are on a mission. The mission to sell you!. They are there to make sure that you walk out with something from the store. They can praise you or the clothing just to make sure that you buy it. Do not fall for their deceptive skills. Believe me, they are really good at it. They know exactly what you are looking for. And they will make sure that you buy what you want, but the choice would be theirs.

9. Take Someone Along

It is always wiser to take someone along. A shopping trip could seem like a roller coaster ride that has no harnesses when you go out alone. Having a little help is always good. You can take your friend or your partner or anyone that you can think of. Your companion will help you with your decisions and also keep you from spending unnecessarily. They can sort you out of your dilemma and make sure that you buy only what looks best on you. Often your closed ones are the only ones that admire you and help you develop your style statement. They are the best influencers.

10. Take Your Time To Make Your Mind

No matter what may come. As long as it is not the doomsday, you can take your time. In fact, you should take your time to make your mind. Buying decisions could be tough at times. You may have to choose what you need over what you want. This could be heartbreaking for some. A wise man once told me that you should listen to all the suggestions, but the decision should be yours in the end. You can take help from magazines, from the sales guy in the store, or from your companion as well, but at the end of the day, it should be you who makes the decision.

11. Avoid Unworthy Purchases

We have been talking about making unnecessary purchases. What are these unnecessary purchases? You must have made a few purchases that you didn’t really use one or the second time, maybe and regret later. These are not worth. You have wasted your time and hard earned money just to fulfill an impulse. You should avoid this kind of purchasing behavior. You have your list, you have your budget, and you have your companion. Just follow your action plan and you will never regret.

12. Listen To Your Heart

When it comes to making the decision. You need to listen to your heart. Don’t go all impulsive again. We’ve already discussed that. Buy what you like. I’m talking about deciding between the options. If you can’t make up your mind to which pair of jeans is better, for example, you should listen to your heart. Choose the one that you like more. Be it a little over your budget. Budget is to help you buy not keep you from buying.

13. Compare Prices At Other Outlets

Once you have decided what you want to buy, you should try exploring and comparing the prices at different outlets. Most of the time, there are different offers and schemes put up by different stores. You can compare the benefits before you buy. But there’s one thing to keep in mind that the availability may vary. Make sure that the item you are buying is available at the store you wish to compare with.

14. Confirm The Store Policy For Exchange And Return

Before you check out from the store make sure you check the policies regarding the exchange and return of products. Many stores would entertain an exchange but not return. The stores are ambient in such a way that you may miss a fault or a stain in the clothing you purchase in the store. You may realize that you have purchased a faulty or a damaged product after you use it for the first time. In such cases, you can demand an exchange from the store. It is better to confirm the exchange and return policies before to avoid any conflicts later.

15. Pay Hassle Free With Your Card

One important tip that I personally feel is very crucial is regarding payment mode. Many would suggest you carry cash and make the payments in hard bills. But, it is very cumbersome and unsafe to carry cash all the time. It is wiser to make payments electronically as far as possible. This would not only reduce the hassle but can also earn you cash back. Many of the electronic payment service providers and banks offer cash back when you make payment using their services. So, in fact, you actually save when you make payments through any electronic mode.

Now that you know how you can make your shopping experience more fruitful, it is time to take it on a test. Try these tips the next time you go out shopping and you’ll definitely feel the difference.

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