3 Tips For Supporting A Family Member Through Addiction Recovery

3 Tips For Supporting A Family Member Through Addiction Recovery from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Watching someone you love struggle through something like addiction can be one of the hardest things you’ll have to see in your life. Although you may love this person more than you can even express, nothing you’re able to do is going to help them overcome this addiction unless and until they’re ready to do the work on their own. And while he or she might have caused you pain because of it, if they’re finally ready to get clean, they’re going to need your support now more than ever. So to help you know the best ways to be there, here are three tips for supporting a family member through addiction recovery.

 Learn More About Addiction and Recovery

 Before you can really be of any service to your loved one, you should first learn all you can about addiction and recovery. Without a knowledge of what your loved one is going through, you might think that something you say or do is going to be helpful when actually it could be the complete opposite. According to AddictionCenter.com, you should educate yourself about things like triggers, enabling behaviors to avoid, health issues that accompany both addiction and recovery, and how the recovery process works. The more you know about the situation you’re going to be facing with your loved one, the better you’ll be able to lend a hand and a heart to him or her.

 Make Yourself Available To Them

 Both while your loved one is actively in recovery, meaning at a treatment facility or working to finally get sober, and after their detox process has completed, it’s going to be helpful if you’re able to make yourself available to them. Throughout the recovery process, there are going to be many times where your loved one is going to be needing some help. According to Dr. David Susman, a contributor to Psychology Today, many people say that they’ll be there anytime but they don’t actually mean it. So if you say you’ll be there, make sure you’re actually going to be available to them. And if you’re not, try to set up some other point of contact for your loved one until you’re able to be there for them once more.

 Know The Difference Between Family Workshops and Family Therapy

 If you visit your loved one while they’re in treatment, it’s important that you recognize the difference between family workshops and family therapy. According to Buddy T, a contributor to Very Well Mind, the workshops with the family that take place in a rehab facility aren’t meant to be family therapy for you. Although your emotions might get stirred up, try to keep the real purpose for these visits in mind and deal with the other issues at a more appropriate time.

To help you support a loved one through this tough process, use the tips mentioned above to assist you in being there as your friend or family member goes through addiction recovery.

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