Simple Home Upgrades That Make Winters More Enjoyable

Winter is a special season, full of Christmas cheer, fun indoor activities, hanging out with family, and much-needed rest from a hectic year. Unfortunately, if your house condition isn’t up to standard, the winter chill will quickly dampen your cheer. In short, no more curling on the couch with a steaming cup of cocoa and binge-watching movies unless you keep the winter chill out of your abode. Tag along as we reveal a few simple home upgrades you can try this winter. 

Upgrade the heating system

Winter without a proper heating system is brutal. Consider contracting the services of heating professionals like Morris Jenkins furnace maintenance experts to service, upgrade or replace your heating system if faulty. Install a programmable thermostat, clean furnace filters, and perform other simple maintenance operations on your heating system. 

Incorporate a fireplace

Whether modern faux pas, gas, or wooden, a fireplace is a great addition that will make your winter bearable. The warm fireplace ambiance is perfect for a cold winter day. Properly insulate your fireplace to prevent heat loss, and add a fireplace cover for extra protection. Balloon chimneys are excellent for reducing heat loss when not using your fireplace.

Check your windows

The biggest challenge of winter is maintaining temperature and your windows are among the greatest heat losers. Consider re-caulking your windows to seal any gaps. This is vital to improve heat retention and prevent water from sipping into the house. Since winter daylight hours are reduced, install bigger windows, skylights, or solar tubes to brighten your home.

Update your attic

The attic is an often ignored but critical part of your home. Apart from regulating temperatures, the attic is vital in ensuring that your house doesn’t suffer the effects of rain and snow. A critical attic upgrade is proper insulation which helps prevent heat loss during this cold season. Do a complete attic insulation overhaul or in bits as per your budget. Trust me, insulating your attic is well worth the cost.

Clean or replace gutters

Gutters are vital for roof health and maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Winter is the perfect time to check your gutter health. Consider cleaning, upgrading, or replacing worn gutters with newer and stronger options.

Create space for indoor activities

Creating a warm, fun, and lively space for indoor activities is one home upgrade you won’t regret. Indoor activities help liven the mood and reduce boredom during the cold winters. A good game space should be airy, bright, and fun. Install a pool table, board games, or even a foosball table.

Install smart devices

Home technology is vital in making our homes more comfortable and efficient, during winter. Smart home devices with modern sensors regulate temperatures, reduce energy consumption and improve our home security. Smart humidifiers, freeze and leak detectors, space heaters, and light regulators are excellent devices to make winter more bearable.

Add handrails and stair treads

Snow is a significant cause of injuries, especially on steps and stairs. To reduce the chances of accidents, install handrails and stair treads in all places that they apply. These additions not only improve safety but significantly improve the functionality of your home.

Add plants

Consider investing in house plants to spruce and add color to your house. Incorporating house plants is excellent for improving your home’s overall humidity and air quality. Popular house plant options include string of hearts, peace lily, and snake plants.


Don’t suffer through the cold, wet, and dreary winter days with a scowl. Implement our simple and effective winter home upgrades, and make this season fun, lively, and enjoyable.

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