Scenes from a Sweet 16

I promised I would post more pictures of the sweet 16 and since today is her actual birthday.
Here goes. Enjoy!!!
The Clubhouse before decorating started

Decorating the poles.

With her sister Mikaela AKA her twin lol
even though they are 2 1/2 years apart

With her BFF
Maddie and Maddie

Getting a ride from her cousin Omar

Cupcakes anyone?
These were so much easier than a cake.

With her Nana and her Grampie
My mom had just given her the gardenia from her yard.

Had to put this one in.
Cassidy and Kenny.
Since it was a celebrity lookalike party
Kenny came as the guy from The Hangover
Security just like all the big parties.
Not really just her cousins.

Her friend getting kicked out by her cousin.
LOL not really

Raul and his best bud Mike
(the dad to the other Maddie)

Signing her picture

Having fun on the dance floor

Her picture table

Before the party

Had to put this one in of her good friend Wesley

Everybody on the dance floor

Raul and his Cousin Omar
If you knew both of them this pictures describes it all

Looking on as Maddie is Dancing

Maddie dancing with her cousin Omar

Now dancing with her Dad

Gracie crying because Omar was leaving for
Mexico the next day.
Getting fed a pretzel

M & M

Finally a picture of the Birthday Girl
with Omar (her cousin)

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