Guest Blog- How to obtain products to review and giveaway

   Have you been on the search to figure out how so many blogs are hosting giveaways and reviewing products? Well I am here to help you figure out how to find sponsors for reviews and giveaways, so you can stop searching for answers! I began blogging in September of 2010 and I was very blind coming in to the blogging world. I would have to google search everything from how to change the background, number comments and so on. Well, I was coming across other blogs when I did blog hops and saw so many bloggers doing giveaways and reviews. I thought to myself, I don’t have the money for that, to purchase all these products and give them away for Free plus shipping them out! Then I started researching and realized I didn’t need to purchase items, I could send pitches to companies and ask them to sponsor me! I felt like I won the lottery!!! I cracked the code! Well I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the right way to go about pitching companies and asking them for their products for reviews and giveaways! So today, I will share how I did it and still continue to host!

    I built up a generic pitch asking companies if they would be interested in working with me to sponsor a review and/or giveaway. I would say I would promote your site/store and help bring traffic to your business along with bringing traffic to my blog. That really seemed to work well with companies. Before I knew it I had giveaways and review products rolling in! I was amazed at how easy it was. Now I bet your asking how did I know what companies to pitch to. Well, I would randomly search sites, I thought would interest my readers, like Etsy stores, smaller businesses, and so on. Also I searched out giveaway linky’s that have tons of giveaways up for grabs. I would go to their giveaway and click on the companies link and find the contact form area on their business and send them email with my pitch. It really was easy to do, and worked for me! I know businesses will tell you no, but what you have to realize is, to keep pushing on! You can do this and you will make it! The more you blog grows and becomes full of followers and stuff the easier it will be to get better prizes and stuff! Plus companies will contact you asking you to host giveaways and reviews. Make sure to build a page, on your blog so they can contact you! That will be the open door they will be looking for!
               Another great way to find reviews and giveaways is signing up for groups that share businesses looking for hosts, and ways to get the inside scoop on what companies want and are looking for! So below is a list of a few sites you can sign up for and share and learn from other bloggers looking to grow their blogs and score great reviews and giveaway products! Each site has a guide to helping you figure it out, and allows you to gain all the tools you will need to start this new adventure!
Global Influence Network
My Blog Spark 
Business 2 Bloggers
Blog Friendly PR
Clever Girl Collective
Mommy PR
 Kelsey Apley

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