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Have you ever heard that boys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses? Well let me tell you that as a girl that wear glasses that is so not true. In television and movies the trend is that glasses are in. I am surprised when I open a magazine and find that some of the most famous celebrities rocking glasses. There are so many fun styles and patterns available that you can match your glasses with your own personal style. The glasses available now are no longer the big circle glasses that I knew as a child, talk about unattractive. The frames come in every shape and size that could flatter your face. I remember about a year ago, when buying a new pair of glasses became a necessity for me because I broke my other pair; I agonized for almost an hour trying to find the best frame for my face. I finally decided on the glasses that I now have but it really did take me a long time to decide. It was almost as bad as buying a car, but you just can’t test drive the glasses like you could a car. Look for glasses that flatter your face and you cannot go wrong.

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