It’s All About the Giving, Not Receiving

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giving assistant

Can you imagine if Meghan Trainor wrote a song called It’s all about the giving, no receiving instead of It’s all About the bass, no treble.” Can you imagine what the lyrics,

Yea it’s pretty clear I ain’t no Millionaire, But I can share share like I am supposed to do. Cause I got the grace that all the people chase.  Because Giving is better than receiving.

Think about it instead of talking about body issues, we should be talking about giving back. And that is what I am chatting with you about today. Giving back. Did you know that that there is a site that not only helps you save money while you shop but also gives you money back so that you can share with others?

So now I know you are asking yourself these questions:

  1. How does that work?
  2. What is the name of the company?
  3. And where can I find it?

Don’t worry friends all will be revealed in this post. Okay first things first, the name of the site is Giving Assistant. And you can get there by clicking on the name Giving Assistant in the last sentence. Yep, it is that easy.

Now here comes the cool part. When promo codes won’t work this will. Giving Assistant is a free program that is set up similar to a rewards card that you have for your grocery store.  And the neat thing is that it isn’t linked to one store but over 1100 retailers. It is easy to use.

Basically, you go to the Giving Assistant website and shop. You pick your store and then hit the shop now button at the top of the page.


Of course, I chose the Amazon page, because that is my favorite place to shop. But you can also shop other sites as well like Walmart ( my second favorite place to shop)

giving assistant

And finally, I made a purchased from several stores and a few days later this was in my inbox. Although Amazon is not one of the stores that give me cash back, they do make a charitable donation for each purchase I make.


How cool is that? They paid me to shop. Want to sign up for this fantastic program you need to click here.  Who says shopping doesn’t pay?

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