Reasons to Invest in a 5th Wheel Camper

Reasons to Invest in a 5th Wheel Camper from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

While the idea of traveling across various places in a mobile home – or RV – might be exciting, many people are still unsure about buying one. Instead, several campers prefer to invest in a 5th wheel camper that they can easily attach to their vehicles. 

You can look for the best 5th wheel hitch for short bed 2021|Rundown| if you own a short bed truck. The guide will inform you about the best hitches and how you should pick the most suitable one for your vehicle.

Now, consider the undeniable reasons below for buying or renting a 5th wheel trailer.

Easily detachable

When you buy an RV, that is the only vehicle you have to get around everywhere, which can be an inconvenience most of the time. For instance, you cannot take the RV to run small errands after finding a great parking spot for it. It can be taxing to drive such a large vehicle for a small task.

In contrast, a 5th wheel camper allows you the freedom to detach it from the car or truck any time you wish to. This way, you can simply take the towing vehicle around for small drives, sightseeing, or store visits and leave the camper in its place.

Versatile amenities

Unlike an RV, a 5th wheel camper does not need space for a driver cab or even an engine. This additional body space is excellent as you can customize your trailer however you want. You can add a bathroom, closets, or even a kitchen if you prefer to cook on the road. This versatility makes the 5th wheel one of the top trailer choices among avid campers.

Excellent for large groups

There is extra space right above the truck bed in most 5th wheel trailers. This lofted sleeping place can be converted into a bedroom or used as a multi-bunk space for several travelers to sleep. Furthermore, many such campers offer slide-outs as an additional sleeping option. With this kind of space, it is easier for large groups of families or friends to travel together. There is more than enough space for each camper to rest peacefully during the trip.

Easier maintenance

A regular RV comes with an engine of its own, and you need to take care of it like any other vehicle. While this may not be an issue, it can be costly for campers on a budget. In such scenarios, the best alternative is to get a 5th wheel camper. This way, you only need to ensure the upkeep of the towing vehicle and not the RV trailer. However, do ensure that the trailer tires are changed whenever necessary and seal cracks to protect against water damage.

Invest in a good quality 5th wheel hitch

Choosing the right 5th wheel hitch is as critical as finding the right trailer itself. It is advisable to buy a sturdy 5th wheel hitch rather than a standard ball hitch. That’s because it offers greater stability, ease of operation, and a vast towing capacity. Many hitches can tow campers heavier than their own weight while ensuring the truck and the trailer stay remarkably steady during travel.

Depending on your camper size, travel requirements, and budget, among other critical details, you can choose from fixed, manual, or automatic slider hitches.

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