Real Estate Pop-by Gifts That Bring In Clients

Real Estate Pop-by Gifts That Bring In Clients

If you value relationships, give your past and future clients something they can use and enjoy while in your office. Real estate pop-by gifts can be a great way to generate some deals without much effort. You’ll need to make sure that whatever you give out is something that must be useful or fun for your clientele, but the payoff can be well worth it! 

Here are some pop-by gift ideas:

Candy-themed gifts

The best kinds of candy-themed gifts convey your appreciation for the person you’re giving them to but also make it clear that you want them to be your client. You can do this by choosing a gift that is fun but also has a business purpose behind it.

For example, you could buy them a bag of M&Ms. Not only will this show them how much they mean to you as a potential client, but it will also remind them of all the fun times they had looking at houses together.

Another great idea is buying an ice cream cone kit—like an ice cream maker or an attachment for making soft-serve ice cream. This is great because it shows your appreciation while ensuring they keep thinking about home ownership. Every time they eat some delicious homemade ice cream, they’ll think back fondly on their time searching for a home together.

Gift basket with coffee and a mug

Coffee is helpful and thoughtful and shows you’ve taken the time to put some thought into their life. To make this gift even better, add a mug with a personalized note that says, “Hope you like the gift!”

Popcorn tin with the pop-by tag

The popcorn tin with the pop-by tag makes an excellent holiday or new home gift for anyone who’s recently purchased a home.

Goodie bag full of treats

Goodie bags are relatively easy to put together, and they don’t have to cost you much money. You can customize them so your guests know they’re getting something special. And the best part? Goodie bags encourage people to just stop by for a quick visit.

Pop-by gifts for kids

A box of crayons, stickers, and coloring books are ideal gifts for kids. Crayons are always a hit with the kids, and you can find great deals on them at most dollar stores. Stickers work well, too—these days, they come in all different shapes and sizes, so there’s something for every child. A coloring book is an excellent addition because it gives them something to do when waiting for their parents. 

Fruit snacks—these are another easy sell since most parents will appreciate getting some extra snacks for their little ones without having to buy them and fruit snacks are usually pretty healthy too.


Real estate pop-by gifts can be great for bringing in a long-lasting relationship for your real estate business. Although it’s not as simple as just giving out a gift card or basket on your way to see another client, it will pay off if you do it correctly.

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