4 Reasons To Remove a Tree From Your Yard

4 Reasons To Remove a Tree From Your Yard

Trees make a yard look beautiful and serve as a natural accent piece that improves your property’s curb appeal—healthy trees, that is. However, they usually become more of an eyesore if the trees appear sick or start to lean. But how do y’all know when it’s time to cut a tree down? I’ve made things easy for you by organizing a list of the top reasons to remove a tree from your yard! Keep reading to learn more about this tough choice.

The Tree Dies

Whether the tree is dead or starting to die, it’s time to cut it down. A half-dead tree never looks good and is at a higher risk of falling. There’s no way of knowing which way it will break, and it could fall onto your home. Trees too close to the house could lead to catastrophic damage that’s expensive to repair.

A dead or dying tree could also attract bugs or other pests to your property. Again, these creepy crawlers could sneak into your home if the tree is near your building.

The Tree Breaks

While the disease can cause branches to break, other natural forces may do the same. Heavy storms can crack or split branches on the tree or knock the entire thing down. Once the storm clears, y’all may want to clean up your yard right away, but this can be dangerous.

When clearing fallen trees after storms, it’s always best to call an arborist, as they know what to look for.

While y’all may assume the tree is a goner after looking at several large branches, a tree-cutting expert like those at B&T’s Tree Service may say otherwise. Contrarily, you may think the tree is perfectly fine, but the expert could advise that you remove it for safety reasons.

The Tree Roots Overgrow

You can spend time meticulously inspecting your landscaping and deciding on the perfect spot for the tree but still run into an issue. There’s no way of controlling how the roots grow; sometimes, they invade your home’s sewer lines.

Believe me, if y’all have to choose between the most beautiful tree on the block and the property’s sewer lines, you should always choose the latter. If the roots grow into these lines, the underground pipes could rupture and lead to clogs or leaks in the line.

The Tree Is Ruining Curb Appeal

The final reason to remove trees from your property is to improve your curb appeal. This may sound a bit backward since trees and shrubbery should beautify your home, but some trees are messy or require a lot of upkeep. If your tree falls into one of these categories, it may be best to cut it down and plant something else.

Weigh the pros and cons of keeping this tree, and if y’all have more reasons to chop it down, contact a professional to do the job. Then, once the tree is gone, decide on a new option to keep your home looking incredible!

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