3 Encouraging Back-to-School Gifts for Kids

3 Encouraging Back-to-School Gifts for Kids

A new school year can be intimidating for kids of any age, from fresh elementary school students to high school seniors. During your back-to-school shopping, make sure you hunt down some encouraging gifts for kids to inspire them on their first day. While y’all know what’s best for your kids, the following three gifts are great ideas if you’re unsure where to start.

School-Friendly Fidget Toy

Our kids have spent the past two months freely running around instead of sitting at a desk. They may need some help readjusting to a school schedule. To help them safely get excess energy out during the school day and focus better, buy them a fidget toy. Small, quiet fidget toys can fit in a backpack and won’t distract other kids while your child uses them. Let them experiment with different toy options to find one they like. Explain the goal of the fidget toy to their teacher so they know what your child is doing with the toy and how it helps them.

Personalized Notebook

Writing down our thoughts and feelings is a great way to regulate our emotions. Kids can do this as well. Buying them a personalized notebook to write about their first day of school expectations and what the experience is can give them the perfect place for this emotional regulation. One journal notebook probably won’t last the school year if they journal every day, so you may need to replace this over winter break.

New Bible

Christian families know how encouraging the Word of God is. One of the best occasions for gifting the Bible to kids is at the beginning of a new school year. This gift will encourage them to exhibit courage, stand up for their beliefs, show kindness to others, and work hard in their studies. If your family isn’t Christian or religious, consider gifting your child a different age-appropriate book about these important qualities.

These three encouraging back-to-school gifts for kids will help them start the school year feeling confident. I encourage y’all to bring kids with you while shopping so they can pick out supplies they love. Christian or religious parents should pray with their kids on their first day of school to boost their confidence as they head out the door.

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