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When we need a lawyer, it’s often because we want the best possible outcome for our situation. Whether we’re in trouble with the law, we’re trying to finalize a multi-million dollar business deal, or we’ve been in an accident that wasn’t our fault – click here for more info about personal injury cases. 

Regardless of your situation, your lawyer should have certain qualities that not only make them more likely to succeed but qualities that also give us the reassurance that they’ll try to get us the best possible outcome. So, what qualities should your lawyer have? Read on to find out more.

Communication skills

A lawyer who isn’t eloquent enough to get their point across could cost you your case and even your freedom. A lawyer who doesn’t possess communication skills will struggle to help you understand the legal jargon that you’re being bombarded with. A lawyer with poor communication skills won’t make you feel listened to or valued. In short, your lawyer will be able to communicate effectively, not just verbally but also via writing. They should be able to convince with their statements and think on their feet! A lawyer is usually someone we call to bring clarity to the situation and make us aware of our rights. 

People skills

Lawyers work with people all day long, so having strong people skills is an absolute must. Your lawyer will be able to understand and sympathize with your current plight and be able to communicate their dedication to your cause clearly. If they’re trying to give you information, then their effective people skills will help them connect with you. They should also be able to understand reactions from the jury and witnesses, to your advantage. For instance, according to an expert Tampa truck accident lawyer, having people skills makes it easier for them to frame their arguments as required. They can comprehend how the other person shall react to different things; hence they play smart and use their words carefully.

Analytical skills

Your lawyer should be able to take on a huge amount of information, combine it with their knowledge of the law, and analyze it all quickly and efficiently. Allowing them to come to a conclusion that will get you the result you want. They’ll also be able to analyze evidence and legal documents brought against you and analyze their authenticity and where they do/don’t fit into the case.  

Public speaking skills

Your lawyer might be full of confidence when they’re speaking to you in their office, but if that confidence doesn’t carry over into the courtroom, then there could be a problem. They’ll need to address the court, the witnesses, the judge, and the jury, all whilst getting their points across. They need to be flawless and powerful in their performances.

Final thoughts…

Are you thinking about hiring a lawyer? What skills do you consider to be the most important? Make sure you do plenty of research before you hire a lawyer. If you are summoned for jury duty and you have no idea about it, you can do your own research or ask a lawyer for assistance.

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