Protect Your Devices

protect your devices

Every day when I open up my computer, I’m not surprised to see a new virus that is popped up threatening to corrupt all of your operating systems.  But it seems like it’s just isn’t computers you have to be careful with now. Right now I’m on the way to an appointment with the IRS ( Internal Revenue Service)  having to prove our identity.  Someone where my husband works decide it was an excellent idea to send employees Social Security numbers via email to someone else posing as another employee with no question asked.

 Identity theft is everywhere now. That is why it is important to make sure all your devices have antivirus protection. Did you know that there is an Android antivirus app that you can download?

android virus scans

It is important to make sure that all your devices are virus-free. I don’t know what I would do if my computer or phone ever went down period. I always make sure that I do a Virus scan weekly if not more. And now there is available an  Android virus scan for Android operating systems. How cool is it that you can now get free antivirus for Android?

That to me is so awesome as sometimes antivirus software can be very expensive especially if you have multiple devices. Just think about it an average household in the United States has at least one smartphone( if not more)  and multiple computers. A lot of schools are even going to making students turn their homework in electronically. So with that many electronic devices being used, it is important to ensure that they are protected from viruses and Cyrus cyber attacks.  I know my middle daughter would be lost if she ever had to be without her phone. She does everything on her phone even writing papers for her college classes on it Yea she is that good.

So take this post as gentle reminder to get your devices protected with antivirus software!

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