What Lakewood Householders are Using 10 x 10 Storage Units For

In Lakewood, California, its residents frequently use storage units to help live their lives in comfort. It is physically and mentally satisfying to not have to trip up over an accumulation of items that we have gathered from years of living in the same house. This is, of course, not the only reason why residents make use of storage units but it makes up a significant part of storage unit usage in these parts.

Vehicle Storage

A 10 x 10 storage unit is the equivalent of a one-car garage and so ideal for just one car and a good fit for smaller vehicles. If you require more space around the vehicle, then go bigger in terms of your storage unit.

People will put vehicles into storage to offer maximum protection from the elements. A vehicle that remains indoors will have protection from the sun, rain, dirt, and dust. Classic and vintage cars will often be put into storage for part of the year and will only be driven when the weather is nice. This minimal amount of use and exposure to the elements will help preserve their values whilst allowing them to be enjoyed.

The only thing to be aware of is that a car may develop flat spots while in storage. This is exacerbated by low tire pressures, so you might want to keep these inflated sufficiently during the vehicle’s time in storage. In many cases, though, driving a car after storage can often remove the flat spots. Worst scenario, you might need to replace the tires, but at least the rest of the vehicle has been protected.


Antiques should be stored in temperature and humidity-controlled units, and this is possible with storage units. You will also be wanting to keep out pests such as moths, mice, and cockroaches. Another important consideration is that your unit is secure. You can have that, too, with a storage unit and with a level of security that, in many cases, will be better than at home. Access is restricted to those needing to access the unit.

To protect small antiques, these can be wrapped in bubble wrap and then kept inside a sturdy storage container. Paper items should be kept inside acid-free tissue paper. The advantage of using plastic storage containers is that they will be less likely to break and will also keep out pests that can chew through cardboard. Regularly checking on your stored items will also help to preserve them.

Duplicate Items

We generally end up with too many items inside our homes because we find that, over time, we are acquiring two or more of the same thing. This can be because we received them as a present or purchased a replacement when it did not work so well but still kept the original. Sentimentality can play a big part in the need to store items, whether in our home or in a storage unit elsewhere to help us out.

Additional TVs

Often, extra TVs are accumulated that we do not need. This can be when we had one in a bedroom for a son or daughter that has now moved out and started their own family. As technology advances, we will buy the latest equipment and end up with too much of the old technology still in our possession. Those moving out will not necessarily want to take the old technology with them. Remembering the TV located in your son or daughter’s bedroom may make you reluctant to dispose of it.

You should know that when storing TVs, they should not be stored on their back or their screen, and instead they should be placed upright. The reason for this is that storing a TV on its back can cause significant damage to internal components. As well as this, it is not advised to store a TV by lying it down on its screen because this will put pressure on the screen that may cause it to break. 

So, these are some of the items Lakewood residents will use storage units for that should give you some ideas as to how you could make use of them too.

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