Practical Tips To Rework Your Sleep Schedule This New Year

Practical Tips To Rework Your Sleep Schedule This New Year

Sleep deprivation can be a troublesome health issue, whether you are a busy mom or a stressed professional. The worst part is that it may transform into full-blown insomnia before you realize it. Whatever the extent of deprivation, it can affect your physical health and mental well-being. But popping a pill is not the best solution because it can cause side effects and habit formation in the long run. Fortunately, you can address the concern naturally to ditch the medication habit and regain control. Here are a few practical tips to rework your sleep schedule this New Year.

Adjust your bedtime hours gradually

Adjusting your bedtime hours is the best start, but you must not do it drastically. Aim at eight hours of sleep daily and reset a realistic timeline to get better control over your schedule. For example, you cannot wake up an hour late in the morning if you have to send the kids to school. Consider sleeping an hour early to complete the eight-hour goal. Also, stick to the schedule, regardless of weekends and holidays.

Skip daytime naps

Daytime naps seem a luxury to busy moms and homemakers after a long morning. But they can ruin your sleep cycle as you may have a tough time dozing off at night. You may get a short shut-eye during the day, but ensure it is not longer than twenty minutes. Step out for a walk, play with kids, read a book, or watch your favorite TV show the next time you feel sleepy during the daytime.

Adopt a relaxing bedtime ritual

A relaxing bedtime ritual is the best way to rework your sleep schedule because it sets you up for a deep slumber. Indulge in a warm bath, ask your partner for a massage, and listen to soothing music. Cannabis can do wonders as a natural sleep aid, so try a vaping session at bedtime. If you want an ideal device for your skill levels, you can Shop @ yocan with only a few clicks. Remember to choose a strain that alleviates soreness, stress, and insomnia to get the best results.

Avoid the blue light in bed

The blue light from device screens is the worst culprit, so you must completely avoid it when winding down for bed. Besides affecting circadian rhythms, blue light suppresses melatonin levels. Staying off your computer, cell phone, and TV a couple of hours before bedtime can save you sleep. You can try activities like reading, journaling, or conversing with your significant other instead of scrolling your social media. 

Time your dinner appropriately

Surprisingly, what you eat for dinner and when you eat can affect your sleep patterns and quality. A heavy meal near bedtime is the last thing you should indulge in because it can throw off your internal clock and keep you awake. Stick with a light dinner, and eat it at least three hours before bedtime. You may enjoy a healthy snack like a fruit or a cup of green tea to curb late-night temptations. 

Reworking your sleep schedule can enhance your well-being, so you must definitely try it this New Year. You can rely on these simple measures to get enough rest without the pills.

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