5 Dangerous Animals To Watch Out for in Florida

5 Dangerous Animals To Watch Out for in Florida

Our world is full of dangerous animals lurking in all corners of the globe. No matter where you travel, understanding the dangers of the destination helps keep you safe. Learn about the dangerous animals to watch out for in Florida.


I don’t think I’m wrong when I say that not many things that beat a beach day. After laying out under the warm sun, a quick dip in the ocean is the perfect way to cool off. But when y’all go into the sea, avoid going too far from the shore without a guide. Over 10 species of sharks live in these waters, including aggressive bull sharks. While great white sharks also live in these waters, seeing one in Florida is rare.


When thinking of Florida, two of the animals most of us first think of are alligators and crocodiles. What’s the difference? Alligators live in freshwater, while crocs live in saltwater. These dangerous predators are masters of hunting and often lurk in the water, waiting for the ideal opportunity to snatch prey. Due to this, y’all should remain vigilant if by areas of water or swamp, especially in the Everglades.

Burmese Python

The Burmese python is an invasive species that is dangerous to the Everglades’ environment and people. This apex predator is a constrictor, meaning it wraps around its prey to kill it. Aside from humans, this snake goes unchallenged in Florida, so people deal with the threat by hunting it. If y’all want to try the thrill of hunting these creatures, a key beginner tip for hunting Burmese pythons is hiring a guide. An expert knows where to go, what to look for, and how to avoid danger during your hunt.

Florida Panther

Another dangerous animal to watch out for in Florida is the state’s animal—the Florida panther. Although Florida panthers are a threat to people, most don’t bother humans, as these big cats prefer being left alone. These felines are endangered, so harming them or their habitat is illegal.


Yes, Florida even has creepy crawlies. In fact, two of the most dangerous spiders in the world live in the Sunshine State—the brown recluse and the Southern black widow. You can recognize a brown recluse by the fiddle-shaped marking on its back, and Southern black widows have a red hourglass shape on their backs. Bites from either of these spiders can be deadly if you don’t seek medical attention immediately afterward.

A Final Note

When y’all go into the wilderness, remember that you’re in the animals’ home. While hunting invasive species is typically legal, avoid viewing all animals as a threat. Alligators, sharks, and Florida panthers will normally leave you alone if you pay them the same respect. However, animals can act unpredictably, so be vigilant when you enter their territory.

Finally, aim to educate yourself on the native species at Florida nature preserves. Typically, we’re afraid of things because we don’t understand them. By learning about these creatures, it’s easier to see them as dangerous yet incredible living beings.

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