The Dangers of Eating Disorders

The Dangers of Eating Disorders from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Good eating habits are crucial to having proper nutrition. Without it, the body is not getting the nourishment it needs to function as optimally as possible. In some cases, however, it’s not just a simple matter of occasionally skipping a meal or going over the ideal caloric intake in a day. For others, it’s an actual disorder, affecting not only how they perceive their relationship with food, but most importantly, what they believe to be true about their bodies. Eating disorders are not just a physiological condition–it’s very much a psychological one too. In fact, this misalignment between body and mind is what’s driving the individual to resort to extreme methods to try and “fix” themselves.

Left unaddressed, the situation could lead to a dangerous point, including severe illness, or even death. If you think you or someone you know is at risk of an eating disorder, then it’s good to be aware of just how dangerous it can be to their health and well-being. 


An eating disorder like anorexia nervosa or bulimia involves this extreme obsession to lose weight. Those suffering from this condition will go to great lengths to keep their caloric intake as low as possible, even if it means purging what they’ve already eaten. 

As a result, the body is deprived of the nutrients it needs in order to function fully and optimally. That is why people with eating disorders tend to have weaker immunity. Their mental well-being is also compromised, not getting enough sleep and experiencing brain fog, feeling depressed and anxious, and even paranoid at the thought of being found out. 

Health Complications

Apart from weight-related issues, eating disorders can also lead to a host of other health complications, ranging from dental issues to cardiovascular diseases. This is closely related to the fact that the body is not getting the nutrition it needs. 

There are cases wherein other organs are compromised, and eventually shut down, such as the liver and kidneys. This puts the life of the patient at great risk, and could even become fatal. The body can only protect itself so much, though, and without the right nutrition to fuel it through, it’s only going to be a lot more difficult to overcome the medical issue.

Substance Abuse and Suicide

It’s not a pretty picture to look at, but it’s one that must be addressed immediately if you want to save your loved one from the more dangerous effects of eating disorders. It’s been found that there is actually a connection between eating disorders and substance abuse, and this is usually by way of self-medicating for depression and anxiety. 

Because their eating disorder is a secret all on its own, it’s going to be doubly hard for them to seek help for their mental health when it can be traced back to the eating disorder. This denial of the problem, therefore, becomes a gateway for other forms of addiction, such as drug abuse. 

The gravest of them all would be self-harm and suicide. As mentioned above, eating disorders are actually a manifestation of deeper-seated psychological issues. The isolation and hopelessness caused by this condition can ultimately drive them to suicide. 

That’s why it’s very important to catch the symptoms of an eating disorder early so that these dangers can be avoided. Treatment from an accredited rehabilitation facility such as Ocean Recovery can help them recover and get back on the right track to health and wellness.

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