6 Ways Ditching Alcohol Makes You a Better Parent

6 Ways Ditching Alcohol Makes You a Better Parent from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

1. You’ll Be More Present 

Most people who drink regularly are drinking to escape. Life is tough. Raising kids, keeping a home, and working full-time isn’t for the faint of heart. Is alcohol your crutch? If you are tipsy or drunk every Friday night and hungover on Saturdays, you are missing out on precious moments with your kids. You might not notice when they tell you something important or they might feel like you are disinterested in them. Of course, everyone needs to turn off reality every once in a while. Instead of reaching for the wine, why not watch TV or a movie with your family? It is a way to escape for a little bit while still enjoying something together.  That being said, sober parenting has a lot of advantages.

2. You’ll Have More Money

Having more money doesn’t automatically make you a better parent. However, prioritizing your money for things that actually benefit you and your family does. While the average household spends 565 dollars a year on alcohol, you may be spending more, depending on where you live and how much you drink. Take a few minutes to calculate how much you spend on drinking weekly, monthly, and annually. What else could you be spending that money on? Even if you save the money, you are still doing your kids a favor by having an emergency fund. The money you save by not drinking will allow you and your kids to have more fun and be more prepared. 

3. You’ll Lose Weight 

You may be wondering how losing weight will make you a better parent. When you are overweight, you might struggle to keep up with your kids during playtime. Young children have a lot of energy, and they long for you to join in their fun and games. Even if you aren’t overweight, giving up alcohol will allow you to be healthier, more fit, and have more energy. Do you really want to spend every sunny weekend curled up on the couch with a hangover? Plus you will be helping to rid your body of toxins especially if you use an Asian flush cure

4. You’ll Have More Time 

Who doesn’t want more time for their kids? If you tend to go out to bars or parties for drinks, you are spending a lot of time away from your kids and they miss you! You will also have time to do more fun things with your kids or even show them one of your hobbies you used to love before you started drinking. Hobbies are a great way to connect with your kids, but you need to be sober and present to make it enjoyable. 

5. You’ll Be Able to Rest 

After a full week at work, your mind and body are probably exhausted. Your body needs time to rest and rejuvenate. Your kids need a parent who can be awake and present enough to have a blast with them. When you swap drinking for resting, you can be sure to have enough energy to play with your kids on the weekends. You may even start to feel ten years younger! 

6. You’ll Be Around Longer 

It’s no secret that alcohol kills. The effects on your liver alone are enough to cause serious health complications down the road. While you may not experience the more severe effects until later in life, your kids will still need you long after they leave the nest. Quitting alcohol now will reduce your risk of liver and heart problems. You will save a lot of money and heartache for you and your family by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

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