Paying for My New Kid Addiction

Okay last week when I posted Here’s To You, I promised that I would fill you in on my obsessions the next day. Well it is not the next day but the next week but here is the promised post. I am remembering my youth. I feel like every time I listen to New Kids on The Block I am a teenager again. I mean these guys are the same age as me. How cool is that? I have just recently rediscovered the New Kids this summer when they appeared on Dancing with the Stars and it was like I was a teenager again. I have to admit that back then Jonathan was my favorite but now hands down it has to be Donnie.  I mean just listen and watch this video.
Summertime by New Kids

Who would not love these guys
The  top picture was when they were teenagers. They are from left to right: Danny Wood, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight.

This picture is basically what they look like now. They are from left to right:
Jonathan Knight, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg and Joe McIntyre
There is something to say for the mature looking man. I love those black suits.
I am have rediscovered my love for the New Kids but mainly the Wahlberg brothers. Mark is probably the better known of the two brothers. He most recently played in The Fighter.
But who can not forget his Calvin Klein underwear ads.
Well I have made it my life’s mission (lol) to own each New Kids CD and Wahlberg Brothers Movie and TV shows. I know what you are thinking. Wow that is a lot of money but I have been able to do that by earning money through searching. Swagbucks has become my enabler for my addiction. If you haven’t signed up for swagbucks you should. I have just recently started using them for all my search needs and I have cashed out several times. You can earn just 4 swagbucks  everyday for doing almost nothing. Get one swag buck for answering the daily poll question, one swag buck for clicking on the trusted survey link and two for clicking through the NOSO (you do not have to fill out any forms just click for next offer).
Start earning now at Swagbucks.
 I hope it fuels your addiction/obsession.

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