the dips in the pool, kids being out of school- the “Mom’s she’s bothering me.”, Suntans, sunburns, mini trips to museums and the beach – they are all things I love about summertime but favorite thing has to be all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available to eat. We have a 3 row raised garden bed that we have started this year.
We used recycled materials to make our beds. This is just a wire bed frame.
Our three strawberry plants

Here is the beginnings of our watermelon.
It got really big but Raul cut it before I could get a picture of it.

We planted tomatoes, squash, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, cabbage,
 cilantro, watermelon, melons, and strawberries.
Here are some of my favorite recipes we use for the summer:
Salsa To Die For
Cut it all these up in fine pieces and mix together.
You can see it in the white dish. You can either eat it with tortilla chips or in a taco.
Grilling Vegetables
(Sorry no picture for this one)
Aluminium Foil
Tomatoes (if desired)
Bell Peppers (if desired)
Butter or Margarine
Cut all the above ingredients up. Take a big piece of aluminium foil and make a packet with the veggies add a couple of pats of butter. Close packet and put on grill when you are grilling your meat. Caution Packet will be hot. Handle Carefully. Enjoy!!

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