Christmas Gift Journaling

Gifts during the Christmas season often overwhelm us but by taking a little time to think about our gift giving now, instead of at the last minute, it will not seem so overwhelming.  Get out a piece of paper for each of the topics below and take 15 minutes to just write down what comes to your mind about each question.  Keep your paper handy so you can add it into the gift section of your notebook when we construct them next month. 

  1. Write down your favorite gift or gifts you received this past Christmas and why it was your favorite.
  2. Were you able to create any special moments through gift giving?  
  3. What form of “wrapping” is your favorite to use to give gifts?  This may seem like a silly question but if you hate to use paper to wrap gifts, then you can make Christmas gift giving less stressful by using gift bags and boxes that are already decorated to give your gifts!  Your answer here will help you when we are gathering and buying supplies for gifts.

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