Great Labor Day Recipes



Labor Day weekend is a time of family and friends. It is also a time of cooking out. My motto is everything tastes better on the grill. My favorite thing that we cook on the grill we discovered by accident one day.

We took squash, zucchini, potatoes and butter. What you do is cut your vegetables up and places them in aluminum foil. Add two or three pats of butter to the packet. Then you wrap it up so no air can get to them and place with on the grill. You cook them between ten and fifteen minutes. Take them off the grill and serve them with the meat that you were grilling. This is a delicious way to prepare your vegetables and get your daily allowance in. Also if you are watching your weight you can use margarine instead of butter for the seasoning. My girls are the pickiest eaters when it comes to vegetables but they love these. I love how simple it is to prepare and that it can be done outside, so there is no mess in my kitchen for me to clean up. Because let’s face it, I am the one always cleaning up the kitchen in my house.

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