5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber

Hiring the right plumber can be a challenge for most people. Outlined below are 5 questions to ask a plumber when hiring them.

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Leaky plumbing can have disastrous effects on your home. This is why you want to hire the best in town, but to do that, you’ll need to ask a plumber the right questions.  

You’ll want to hire an experienced and licensed professional no matter what job needs to be done in your home. Before you start making those calls, have your list of questions ready and waiting.  

5 Questions to Ask a Plumber 

Whether you looked up a few names online or asked around town, you need to interview your plumber before giving them the job. You don’t want to end up with a plumber with little experience in the job you’re paying them to do. 

Below are 5 essential questions to ask a Plumber before hiring.

1. Are You Licensed?

Before hiring a plumber, you should ask if they are licensed in that state. Each state has its requirements for obtaining a plumbing license. For a plumber in Mesa, AZ, a plumbing license is required to perform any work.

To receive this license, candidates need to pass the Business Management Examination and the Trade Exam. Along with passing these exams, candidates must have four years of experience in the field. 

2. Are You Insured?

Plumbers insurance protects the homeowner and plumber against any potential damages and costs from an accident on your property. 

A plumbing contractor should have general liability and workers’ compensation. General liability protects against claims of bodily injury or damage to property. Workers’ compensation covers medical bills and wages lost due to injury while working. 

Without plumbers insurance, the homeowner could be held accountable should anything go wrong. 

3. Do You Have References?

An experienced and reputable plumber like the ones you will find plumbing in Sydney will have references from satisfied customers to support their work. Here are some questions to ask previous customers:

  • Were you happy with their work?
  • Was the work completed on time? 
  • Was the final estimate reasonable? 
  • Did they clean up their mess?
  • Would you recommend this plumber?
  • Would you hire them again? 

4. What’s the Cost Estimate?

A cost estimate can be given over the phone, but for a more reliable estimate instead of a guess, a plumber should see the problem for the most accurate quote.

You should also ask if it’s an hourly or flat rate. If it’s a flat rate, what you’ve been quoted remains the same even if the job takes longer than expected. An hourly rate would cost you more in the same situation.    

5. How Do You Expect Payment? 

You shouldn’t hire a plumber who expects to be paid for the entire job upfront. Many will set up payment milestones or payments upon completion of the job. 

Hire the Right Plumber

Before hiring a plumber in Mesa, AZ, you’ll want to ensure they know what they’re doing. If you don’t want to be surprised by inferior work or an inflated cost estimate, ask a plumber the important questions before deciding to hire. 

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