Monday Moments

This will be a day that I will spotlight any experience that is a positive one . Today I am going with a story about 2 people enjoying their jobs. Today I had to go to Walmart to get laundry detergent. I normally don’t go to the one in  town. But today I did.  A crew was working on one of the stoplights, so the stoplights were not working. There were two police officers directing traffic there. They were laughing and enjoying what they were doing. It is so refreshing to see people actually enjoying their jobs and actually smiling and being pleasant to one another. They could have had the attitude that it was not what they wanted to be doing. I am sure it wasn’t exactly what they wanted to be doing- I  mean who in their right mind wants to stand in the middle of road with the crazies that are driving now a days. I want to thank those two police officers who not made my day brighter with their smiles but also for putting theirs lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. If you see a police officer today, make sure to say Thank YOU!!!

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