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Have you ever noticed that little children want to help at an early age but most of the time they are told that they are either or too small or just not old enough to really make a difference? I have always taught my three girls that it is important to give back to the community. When Gracie was just a toddler she would go with me to school to volunteer in my older girls’ classrooms and around the school. ( I was lucky that there was a principal there that just adored her and allowed her to come with me.) But sadly that is not always the case for other parents and children. My oldest daughter , who is now 18 had a lot of problems trying to find places to volunteer. You see her school required volunteer hours and she would get that she was to young to volunteer.

I have found a new way for children to give back to the community. Kids CWIST Holiday Initiative is a multi week giving campaign that allows children to complete learning challenges to give back to the community. I love anything that combines learning and giving back as well. This campaign gives kids a sense of community and a special way for them to give back. This is how the program works. Parents assign a “CWIST” learning challenge to their child and once it is completed a toy will be delivered to a child who would not have a Christmas without this. This will make your child feel included in the spirit of volunteering.

I will have to say that Gracie really got into this. She said that this was so cool to do and made learning fun. I loved that. She was so excited when she completed a challenge knowing that a child would receive a toy for what she accomplished. It also made her realize that the world did not revolve around her.

CWIST is a new organization founded in 2012 by parent professionals. And guess what it is not just for kids, parents, and the whole family can be involved with this awesome organization. To find out more information check out their website. And while you are there sign up to make a difference in the life of a stranger.

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  1. I think this would be nice for the summer months when they get a little bored and keep their reading and math skills sharp. Nice that they will be rewarded for doing something positive. Thank you for sharing.

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