Fun And Easy Ways To Give Back To Your Community


Being part of a community is a wonderful feeling, especially if you do not have a large close-knit family to mingle with on your off time. Every community is unique, with members that need help from time to time. Community members enjoy spending time together on the weekend and during the holiday season. However, it is crucial to assist in putting the projects together and giving your input, so you feel like a real part of the community family.

Doesn’t Take A Heap Load Of Money

Every time you turn the TV on you see a commercial about a non-profit organization, needing donations so they can continue their mission. When many people think of giving back to the community, they automatically think of their financial budget. In today’s world, it is genuinely difficult to stretch a paycheck from one week to the next. Well, you do not need a heap load of money, just to give back. In fact, you just need to donate your time, volunteering with specific projects.


An organization like Anasazi Foundation is a great program that provides behavioral health services to troubled adolescents. This non-profit is constantly trying to assist the youth overcome the psychological issues that are plaguing their life. Giving back is as easy as setting up a fundraiser for a non-profit organization in your community. You just need to confide in the organization and let them know that you are interested in setting up a fundraiser. Who knows, other members from the community may be willing to step it up a beat and assist you in pulling the project off.

Adopt A Shelter Animal

Local animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to adopt the rescued animals. If you do not already have a pet, you should definitely consider adopting one from the humane society. By adopting a pet, you will be giving a lost animal another chance at having a great future. You can also volunteer your time, by assisting with cleanups, feeding, and watering.

Organize A Yard Sale

A great way to raise money is by having a yard sale. You can request the community members to donate their unwanted and unused items for the sale. Donate all of the proceeds from a local charity such as the homeless mission.When the sale comes to an end, you can donate the remaining items to secondhand stores or thrift shops. Also, consider giving some of the used clothing to the homeless, they really appreciate everything they get.

Painting A Mural

If you have any artistic school, you could paint a mural on the side of a building or wall. You can also encourage other artists to join you on your mission. Murals are a great way to spice up a community, turning something ugly into a piece of art. Encourage the members of the community to donate paintbrushes, paint, and buckets for the project. You will also need to collect a couple of large ladders, but surely someone in the community will be happy to put theirs on loan.

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