Translating Your Mothering Skills into the World of Work as You Slip Back into It

When you become a mother, you do far more than just raise a child — you raise yourself as well. Specifically, you raise ‘real world’ skills that you’ve never had before within yourself and perfect them to a point where, well, you become perfect in them. And, these skills can then be translated perfectly into the world of work when you slip right back into it, making you an even better worker than you were before your pregnancy and birth.

To see how you can translate all of the skills that you pick up and learn as a mother to the world of work when you return to it after maternity leave (or whenever you, yourself, are ready to go back), make sure to read on.

Translating Your Mothering Skills into the World of Work as You Slip Back into It from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Money management skills

There’s nothing like having a child to make you realize just how much you need to start looking after your money more, right? Yes, having children is an expensive game, and in order to play that game, you need to skimp and stretch when it comes to your finances as much as you can. And, these money management skills that you pick up in your life as a mother can and will come in handy should you ever wish to enter back into the world of work, particularly in the field of finance and accounting. And, you being a mother will also mean you will have some time on your hands to prepare for such a working venture, too, as during your downtime you could take an MBA in Accounting online. By doing this you wouldn’t have to leave your home to get the education you need to fine tune your money management skills, and thus you would stand yourself in good stead to find real success in the finance field.

Team working skills

When you give birth multiple times and have multiple children, you create a little team for yourself. And, unbeknownst to you, as you and this little team of yours work together through life, you will pick up team working skills. For instance, you will learn how to take on the tasks that naturally fall to you, and how to ask or even tell others to do what it is that is expected of them. Yes, there is a huge difference between working with children and working with adults, but the principle is the same!

The ability to adapt

As a mother, you never can truly know what the day will bring. Will you have to clean certain messes up? Will you have to content with strops and tantrums? Will you have illnesses or injuries to have to deal with? Will you have to make or change plans at the last minute due to something your child does? Simply, you never know what you’re going to have to contend with daily because children possess the uncanny ability to do whatever it is they please, no matter the consequence. And, by living like this day in, day out, you will develop your abilities to adapt to different situations and circumstances. And having such an ability will stand you in good stead come to your return to the world of work. To see all the other ways being a mother could help you as you slip back into work, make sure to head here.

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