Sicily’s Most Scenic Places to Visit

Sicily’s Most Scenic Places to Visit from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Sicily is a uniquely beautiful place and is home to some stunning scenery, incredible architecture and wonderful mountains. If you plan to go on vacation to Sicily any time soon you may be wondering which must-see destinations you should visit. The good news is that we have done some research and came up with a list of the areas most scenic places to visit so you can spend more time doing and less time wondering where you should go.

Etna and Taormina

If it is a comfort and relaxation you are looking form then take a trip to Etna and Taormina. Discovered in the late eighteenth century Taormina is a town that can be found atop a hill on Sicily’s east coast. Sitting close to Mount Etna the town is home to an ancient Greco-Roman theatre which is still being used. Dramatic cliffs make their way down towards the sea and Sicily’s sandy beaches which happen to be ideal if you would like to take a pleasant stroll.

With an impressive climate that allows beautiful flowers to grow with ease and with stone colored buildings with the occasional white structure in between Taormina has that the Mediterranean feel that visitors aplenty seem to adore. Consider Sicily villas with pool in the area among your lodging options to get truly immersed in the glamorous atmosphere of Sicily’s east coast. You will easily find the one that suits you best on sites like Scent of Sicily, whose specialty is hand-picking the most beautiful holiday homes on the island.


Surrounded by the sea on all sides and once home to Archimedes Syracuse is such a charming town that you need to visit it at least once. Whether you picked a villa to rent in Sicily, you’re staying in a posh hotel or you’ve booked a bed and breakfast if you need an excuse to leave your accommodation behind for the day visiting Syracuse is a good excuse as any. With a fifth century BC theatre, a cathedral and a Greek temple this city certainly have it all. This part of Sicily is so popular that some visitors decide to buy a second home here and it’s easy to see why when you stumble upon the city’s incredible architecture, stunning scenery, and streets that are steeped in history. Let the Mediterranean breeze fall onto your sun- skin as you amble around the ancient city at your own pace. Bliss.


With an impressive history that links Palermo to the Romans, Byzantine Greeks, Spaniards, Normans, Phoenicians, and the Arabs the regional capital is definitely worth a visit. This city is a mixture of many different cultures and this is clear to see as you make your way along the architecturally stunning streets that are lined with palm trees that sit almost side by side with elegant pear trees. The church of La Martorana is worth visiting for its 12-century mosaics and the Baroque palazzos are a must-see. Stop off for a spot of lunch in one of Palermo’s many stylish restaurants and soak in the ancient atmosphere that is nothing short of intriguing.

While Sicily is home to some beautiful towns and cities we think Taormina, Syracuse, and Palermo are the most scenic places in the area and are therefore well worth visiting on your vacation in this stunning part of the Mediterranean.

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