Look What I Just Ordered

We have been needing new phones forever but I did not want to pay what they wanted for them at the store. But today 1saleaday, had them for $29.99 for all three phones. The suggested retail price for these is $139.99. So I said SOLD!!!!  So now we can actually use phones without having to worry if the phone will die 5 minutes into the conversation.  Yes it is that bad.  This site is becoming my new favorite shopping site. They have a newsletter that they send out everyday with 4 to 5 deals highlighted. I have been able to buy some Christmas presents from them. This is a definite site to check out.

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  1. Hi! I'm your latest follower, and I have that kind of phone too! I love mine especially when you misplace it and all you have to do is hit the button and it starts beeping wherever it's at. Woo Hoo! Nice to meet you. Hope you stop by and follow me too

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